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Sales Analysis of Airport Shuttle Buses in Jan.-May (III)

2013-07-01    Source:www.chinabuses.org
www.chinabuses.org: III. Technology and Power Module of Airport Shuttle Bus

There are mainly three types of airport shuttle buses: semi-trailer composed of heavy-duty saddle-type drawing head and enlarged bus compartment, refitted large city bus and specialized shuttle bus according to the requirements. Normally, airport shuttle bus is equipped with front engine, front-wheel drive and low floor. The use of the interior space and streamline external appearance are the focus in design.

1. Requirements for Market Access

(1) Special equipment permit for civil airport issued by CAAC are indispensable for bus manufacturers 

(2) Before issuing the permit, the CAAC will organize the expert team to appraise the sample bus and the CAAC doesn't care about the overall technical strength and conformity of production. 

(3) Working as special vehicle away from the restriction of bus regulations, it has to meet the special requirements of airport customers, for example the width must reach 3m and the length must approach 14m. Besides, the stability and reliability of the chassis are essential. Low speed, low floor, large capacity and high temperature are the fundamental operation condition.

2. Market Anticipation in the Next 3-5 Years

Despite in a small segment market, airport shuttle bus has a better market outlook and higher profit ratio. The price of one domestic shuttle bus is CNY 1.3 million-2.6 million per unit, with profit ratio of 15%-30%.

Market survey says the proportion of the imported and the domestic is 6:4. Currently, 200 buses are needed per year in 160 airports in China. In 2020, 50 more airports are expected to add in China and the price advantage and after-sales service of domestic manufacturers are competitive. 

Domestic bus manufacturers are fighting back to launch some airport shuttle buses, such as King Long XMQ6139B, Yutong ZK6140BD and Ankai HFF6130KZ-2, etc.

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