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Chinese Media Invited to Explore ZF New Technology for CV

2016-07-12    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:From June 29 to July 1, Chinabuses.org, together with journalists from various media, was invited to attend ZF 2016 Global Press Event and trial operation activities in Aachen, Germany.

www.chinabuses.org: From June 29 to July 1, Chinabuses.org, together with journalists from various media, was invited to attend ZF 2016 Global Press Event and trial operation activities in Aachen, Germany.

In the past one year, ZF has made impressive progress in technology for future mobility. On June 30, ZF new product trial operation was held at Aachen city and RWTH Aachen. Journalists from China, together with other media professionals from all over the world, were divided into four groups to experience the trial operation of ZF’s new products. Fredrik Staedtler, president of ZF Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, told Chinabuses.com that commercial vehicles have long been able to adopt electric drivelines. “We know very well that there are huge market potentials for commercial vehicles to go electric. For this reason, we have been constantly upgrading our products, knowing for sure that hybrid drive and electric vehicles are better alternatives. The new AVE 130 electric portal axle specially designed for urban buses can be used on both electric drive and hybrid drive solutions,” said Mr. Staedtler.


Chinese Media Invited to Explore ZF New Technology for CV

At the Ride & Drive Station during ZF's Global Press Event, Journalists had the opportunity to test drive vehicles equiped with new ZF products.

A central electric driving device, newly developed by ZF, as a supplement to AVE 130 electric portal axle, can be used on various types of buses. After making new adjustments to the transmission system of the electric axle for passenger vehicles, ZF has successfully developed a new transmission system that can be used on light commercial vehicles. At the trial operation, journalists from Chinabuses.com took a ride on an 18-meter articulated bus equipped with 2 AVE130 electric portal axles. The whole journey was extremely smooth and comfortable. Even driving at a speed of 60 km/h, the bus is able to turn a corner easily.

Considering urban buses have to make stops constantly while operating in cities, high energy consumption is the pressing challenge for most urban buses. ZF EcoLife transmission has successfully overcome the obstacle by initiating the automatic start-up and stop function.

Areas Moser, president of ZF Bus & Coach Axle & Transmission System Business Unit is very proud of what ZF has achieved, saying “We are very glad to see the successful combination of our automatic start-stop function with our EcoLife transmission for urban buses. The combination of the two is now set to make enormous contributions to help vehicles improve energy efficiency.” Two sample vehicles, provided by Netherlands-based VDL Bus & Coach, are both equipped with ZF automatic start-stop function, helping the vehicles to reduce its fuel consumption to zero while they are making a stop. Accordingly, the vehicles will start working immediately when the bus driver put his/her foot on the accelerator.


The electric bus Sileo equiped with ZF's electric portal axle AVE 130

In addition, ZF TraXon transmission featuring highly modularized structure and ZF PowerLine transmission redefining energy efficiency and travel comforts have elevated the bus traveling experience to that of passenger vehicles.

After the one day’s experience with buses equipped with ZF components, it is not hard to find that ZF is now working hard to develop sustainable transportation solutions for all vehicle manufacturers. For bus operators, high economy and high reliability are essential. For a sustainable global transportation market, energy efficiency and emission reduction are top concern for the public. For passengers and drivers, high safety standards and comfort level are their first need. ZF’s continued superiority in intelligent mechanical system, its tailor-made electronic devices, its light-weight designing concept, and its innovation on the intelligence systems are ensuring all vehicles to meet the demanding needs from all parties.


VDL Citea - EcoLife Stop/Start

With the fast-changing market conditions, making a durable product is not an easy thing. Any product must stand the test of time in its designs, technologies and functions. In this sense, ZF always pursuing the core functions and always caring about every single detail of its products has been scoring an astounding victory.  

Automation, connectivity, electrification and safety are the four major forces that are transforming the current transportation industry. Moreover, their impact goes far beyond the auto industry, affecting almost all areas. Against such a backdrop, ZF has been keenly aware of integrating “See-Think-Act” into its new technologies and products. As a result, it has been constantly pushing the commercial vehicles again and again to a new historical height.  




For the EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission, ZF offers a start/stop function that reduces fuel consumption in city buses by 5 to 10 percent

Journalists from China also visited Koblenz, a beautiful town in southwest Germany, which is the home to the well-renowned Deutsches Eck. A factory of ZF TRW is located in the town, where Chinese media paid a special visit to its General Assembly Workshop of ZF breaking system for passenger car. The super clean working environment, well organized procedures and workers’ unfailing attention to details all left visitors from China an indelible impression.

After visiting the assembly workshop, journalists from China also visited ZF’s Precision Workshop. Before entering it, everybody is armed with special uniforms, caps and shoe cases. At the workshop, everything is in good order and appears to be simple, but hundreds of even thousands of adjustments have already been made to achieve such perfection. Some seemingly simple spare parts, such as a damper or a disc spring for a clutch, are set to go through hundreds of thousands of wear tests to make sure that they live up to their ZF’s reputation.

Such a spirit to every slightest detail and perfection has thus rendered “ZF” internationally competitive and hard to imitate. Without any doubt, ZF speaks volume of the very essence of the country’s relentless pursuit for precision and perfection. For ZF, its stubbornness to precision is a born habit.

Unlike OEMs which often are haloed by their stream of new products. ZF, like many other vehicle components suppliers, its sole purpose is to closely cooperate with OEMs so as to make modern vehicles more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, more reliable and more passenger friendly. Thus, ZF is often called by many as a backstage hero. Thanks to its constant innovations, the auto industry is able to drive on the fast lane in the global market.


As one of the giants in the auto components industry, ZF boasts 230 locations in 40 countries. With 138,300 employees, the company registered sales revenue of 29.2 billion Euros in fiscal year of 2015. Rudi von Meister, president of ZF Asia-Pacific Region, revealed to Chinabuses.com that making high quality product is ZF’s unswerving pursuit. Germans’ rigorous emphasis on precision and accuracy has cultivated the once small gear factory into one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

Like all products “Made in Germany”, people will inevitably associate them with advanced technologies and high quality. Having won world-wide recognition, ZF has long become synonymous with trustworthiness and reliability. In the auto industry in particular, “Made in Germany” immediately commands awe and respect.

Since the Second Industrial Revolution, Germany has grown into one of the major powers in the world. Its fast rise to prosperity can never be accomplished without its dynamic and globally competitive industries, specially its vehicle manufacturing industry. Its manufacturing industry, led by its auto industry, has constantly stoked fuels to the country’s economy. Even in 2008 when other economies in Europe were hit hard by the global financial crisis, Germany’s economic growth remains robust.

With the manufacturing industry as its economic foundation and medium- and small-enterprises as the pillars of its economy, Germany has weathered great ups and downs in the world economy. Along with the launching and execution of Industrial 4.0 in recent years, Germany has been the role model and a close partner for China’s manufacturing industry. The world’s two major powers joining hands in manufacturing industry not only means higher quality products, but also improved well-beings of the two people.


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