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VIP Introduction & Regulation

2007-06-02    Source:www.chinabuses.org

Introduction:Statistics (VIP) is a special column of www.chinabuses.org since 2004.

This column focuses on real-time condition of China bus industry, market research, and sales achievements analysis of China bus builders through analysis report, latest market information and statistics data from professional experts.

The information is updated every week, including market trends research, market share data, sales data of manufacturers from senior industry experts, association, authorities and bus builders with vivid expression and clear presentation.

It is pay-column and adopts VIP membership.


1. Subject

Party A becomes the VIP member of Party B, has the authority to learn the bus industry's update data and analysis articles which published on Chinabuses.com;

2. Obligations of the parties

Party A obtained the news on the fee-based; Party A should pay the service fee 2000 U.S dollars/year through the bank to Party B and fax the contract and receipt to Party B; Party B sent the password in one business day after received the bank receipt and renew the Chinese bus industry data by weekly;

3. Confidentiality

Both parties agreed to take obligations not to transfer any information under the present contract to the third parties, In the case of disclosure of the confidential information, the guilty party reimburses to the other party all losses caused;

4. Consideration of disputes

In case of occurrence of the conflicts connected with execution by the parties of conditions of the present contract, they are subject to the sanction by means of friendly negotiations; If not succeed, the parties to loge the a complaint to party B's local court for carrying out of arbitration according to procedural rules, the arbitral judgment will be final for both parties;

Enc. Due to the time zone differential, all the date parts according to Party B's working time.


If there is no question, please fill the form next, we will contact with you in two-business-day according to your effective E-mail address.



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