KINGLONG Launching Two New Models in Busworld Kortrijk 2011

In Busworld Kortrijk 2011, KINGLONG are officially releases launching two new models to the European market: XMQ6120AGD, a three-door low-floor city-bus and XMQ6129Y

BUSWORLD Kortrijk 2011

BAAV exhibition of 41-year-history will be held in Kortrijk Belgium from 21st to 26th Octombert. As the largest and oldest bus exhibition, it attracts 340 exhibitors from 32 countries, including over 70 bus manufacturers such as Volvo, Benz, Setra, Neoplan and Scania etc. There will be more floor area than ever before.

KINGLONG Buses in Busworld

  • XMQ6120AGD5

    Mainstream Bus Model Targeted at High-end Market in Europe

    • Dimensions(mm):12000 ×2550×3220
    • Engine Model:ISL8.9E5280B
    • Seats:25+3+4+1
  • XMQ6129Y

    Brand-new Tourist Coach Extend Classics

    • Dimensions(mm):12200 ×2550×3870
    • Engine Model:ISM11E5 440
    • Seats:50seats+
  • XMQ6130Y

    A Top Grade and New Developed Coach

    • Dimensions(mm): 12990×2550×3900
    • Engine Model:ISL8.9E5 400
    • Seats:59+1+1
  • XMQ6120C

    Classical Work of 12M Intercity Bus

    • Dimensions(mm): 12000×2550×3300
    • Engine Model:ISL8.9E5 340B
    • Seats:50seats+
  • XMQ6900

    Representative of Medium Coach

    • Dimensions(mm): 8995×2480×3435
    • Engine Model:ISBE6.7E5 250
    • Seats:35

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  • XMQ6127

    Exquisite 12 Meter Coach and New Classics

    • Dimensions(mm):12000 ×2490×3800
    • Engine Model:YC6L330-20 /C30020 /ISLE+300/ISLE4400
    • Seats:50seats+
  • XMQ6127J

    Newly Developed Llow Access City Bus

    • Dimensions(mm):11980 x2550x3170
    • Engine Model:ISL8.9E5 280B
    • Seats:37+3+1
  • XMQ6121G

    Representative Model of City Bus

    • Dimensions(mm): 11950x2490x3050
    • Engine Model: CumminsISLE +300B/YC6G270- 20/WP10.240
    • Seats:41-50
  • XMQ6900J

    City Bus with Good Performance

    • Dimensions(mm): 9175x2450x3140
    • Engine Model:ISB6.7E5 250B(Euro V)
    • Seats:31-40
  • XMQ6800

    Classical Work of 7M Coach

    • Dimensions(mm): 7995x2480x3390
    • Engine Model: EQB180-20/ YC4G180-20/ TBD226B-4ⅡC
    • Seats:21-30
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KINGLONG Buses in Overseas Markets

Kinglong bus inChile
Kinglong bus inChile
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Kinglong bus in Peru
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Kinglong bus in Italy
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18-meter BRT in Iran
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Kinglong bus in Bulgaria
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Kinglong bus in Germany

King Long Buses Overseas Distribution
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Kinglong buses in U.K.
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Hybrid power bus in Singapore
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Gas city bus in Chile
Double-deck city bus in Chile
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Kinglong bus in Argentina
Kinglong bus in Peru
Kinglong bus in Peru
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