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Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9+YC4E140-20 engine
Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9
Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9 Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9 Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9 Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9 Yutong Bus ZK6752DFA9

Technical Parameter

Length(mm) 7470
Width(mm) 2340
Height(mm) 2970/3100(A/C)
G.V.W.(kg) 8,450
Max.Speed(km/h) 105
Seats 30+1, adjustable backrest
Luggage Capacity(m3 0-1.5
Fuel Tank (l) 140
Engine Model YC4E140-20
Chassis Clutch Outer diameter of friction lining 362, hydraulic remote control with air assistance
Chassis Suspension System Leaf spring, bidirectional telescopic shock absorber
Chassis Gearbox 6-speed manual gearbox
Chassis Braking System Dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake
Tyre 8.25R16
Air Conditioning System Optional: non-independent roof-mounted A/C (16000kcal/h)
Other Facilities Windshield wiper, driver door

Product Details

Good-looking appearance with good safety performance

Rear-mounted engine style and front air grille with chrome molded piece are full of aesthetic appeal.
Both the width and height of the vehicle is increased to create a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers.
Air intake of the engine through the side wall adapts to the intake demand under various road conditions.
Ultra large side windows and large curved front windshield offer you a broader vision.
New-style rabbit ear shaped rearview mirrors feature wide visual field and no blind spots.
Improving operating income with reliability and durability
Defrosting system with residual heat of engine enables the unimpeded running in frosty weather.
Adjustable driver seat is very comfortable.
Harmonious color matching and pleasant trip
Side panel with PVC veneers is easy to clean.
Sunk floor structure at the aisle area, as well as simple but practical guard rails, facilitates the passage.
Roof top with molded linen materials is high-end and eco-friendly.
Roof hatch can refresh the air in the passenger compartment as required.
Softening dashboard, design more humane

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