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Yutong Bus Sales Volume in January Dropped by 36.20% to Reach 1,828 Units

2022-02-11    Source:www.chinabuses.org

On February 8, Yutong officially released a business report, revealing that it sold 1,828 units buses in January this year, down by 36.20% year on year. In the same month, the bus maker’s production volume reached 1,855 units, down by 38.64% year on year.

More specifically, Yutong’s sales volume of large-, medium- and light buses in January stood at 794 units, 676 units, and 358 units respectively, down by 31.49%, 39.59% and 39.01% year on year. Its production volume of large-, medium- and light buses reached 1,001 units, 531 units, and 323 units respectively, down by 23.41%, 56.97% and 32.99%.

According to Yutong, both the sporadic infection cases of COVID-19 and the approaching of China’s Spring Festival both contributed to the sharp decrease of its production and sales volumes.

As the leading bus maker in China, Yutong hosted New Energy Bus Challenge Competition in Snowy Weather held in Inner Mongolia. With a temperature of -40℃, Yutong electric bus successfully endured the extrme harsh weather conditions, fully demonstrating its high reliability.

Recently, 46 units Yutong school buses started operation in Guang’an, Sichuan Province; 21 units Yutong E6S mini-bus were put into service in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, providing more travel convenience for local residents; in 2022 Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing, 950 units Yutong buses, including hydrogen fuel cell buses, T7 buses, airport shuttles, and high-end coaches, etc.


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