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Youngman Bus JNP6120GD
Youngman Bus JNP6120GD
Youngman Bus JNP6120GD
Youngman Bus JNP6120GD Youngman Bus JNP6120GD

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(mm) 12000 * 2550 * 3480
G.V.W.(kg) 18000
Wheelbase(mm) 5980
Seats 20+6+6/84
Engine Model Direct Current Traction Moto
Chassis Suspension System Monocoque structure, cold-bent profiled frame, pre-stretching panel skin, closed circle frame, high quality steel
Chassis Braking System WABCO ABS, Double Circuit Air Brake, Shoe plate
Energy Trolley bus

Product Details

At present, JNP6120GDZ named double-power trolleybus, from Youngman Automobile-manufacturing Co.,Ltd, is the first and the only ones which has been exported in China.

These double-power trolleybuses, JNP6120GDZ, exported to Kazakhstan,amoumt to 195 in numbers, it adopt unique Monocoque technology and new materials,which ensures the safety and fuel economy and weight reduction; adopt Neoplan Independent Suspension Front axle; the low entry with the design for feeling which is really convenient for passengers to go up and down.

Double-power trolleybus has so much advantages such as none discharge, none pollution, lower noise ,besides, superiority to the common trolleybus, it makes the overtaking to be true, simplifies the wire network(because at those busy crossing ,the network is no more needed , which fill the gap of inflexibility ),due to all of those, the double-power trolleybus is more and more popular.

As human society gradually entered the ecological civilization era and people pay increasingly attention to environment ,double-power trolleybus gets a new development chance; when our society meets a pressing oil crisis, the double-power trolleybus turns to be the important parts of the new generation of urban public transport system because of its advantages such as effects of energy saving and consumption of renewable electric power.


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