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Changan Bus SC6735XCG3
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Technical Parameter

Length(mm) 7345
Width(mm) 2300
Height(mm) 2800,2950
G.V.W.(kg) 4750,4900/6600,6750
Wheelbase(mm) 4100
Seats 24-37
Engine Model YC4FA130-30
Chassis Model SC6700DCG3
Chassis Suspension System steel leaf spring
Chassis Braking System Air Brake
Model Special Vehicle Bus
Energy Diesel

Product Details

1. The whole frame adopts closed loop design and the front, rear and side walls adopt anti-collision device and use high quality steel to make the bus body more safety;
2. Adopting space expansion technology, scientific layout to realize high capacity, larger space, make the seats capacity most among the similar models, more economical;
3. Adopting 3 level steps, to make the chassis height, seats capacity and throughout ability at the best composite status. More cost-effective,more applicable;
4. 360°all-around monitoring system, IN-CALL smart system to guarantee driving safety, to highlight the humanistic care;
5. Adopting “RMB” smart oil-saving system and people, engine and road scientific matching, optimization design to realize saving oil not less than 10 percent;
6、The bus use humanized deign, such as fully soft inner guardrail, safety belt and fee dead zone, etc., more suitable and more applicable.

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