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Dongfeng Cummins ISB Series
Dongfeng Cummins ISB Series

With excellent performance and reliability, ISB series is developed based on the proven Cummins B series engine p

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With excellent performance and reliability, ISB series is developed based on the proven Cummins B series engine platform and upgraded to meet NS IV.Featuring new generation DENSO High Pressure Common Rail fuel system, the engine's power and economy are effectively promoted and smoke during operation is tremendously reduced with lower fuel consumption, more environment-friendly and remarkable noise reduction. With superior functions, the advanced electronic control system can realize digitized intelligent management to the air intake, exhaust, cooling, fuel, braking, aftertreatment systems. Via high speed datalinks, real time data sharing can be realized between engine and subsystems, as well as engine and vehicle, reaching optimum balance among power, fuel consumption and emission control.
ISB series 3.9L, 5.9L full-authority electronic control engines, ranging from 125-220 horsepower, are widely used in 6-9 meter-long highway bus, tour bus, and school bus applications. With outstanding performance, reliability and serviceability, ISB series engines have become power products favored by the bus customers.
Low fuel comsumption With a global sales volume over 10 millions, the DENSO fuel system can realize the highest 1800 bar of injection pressure, good fuel atomization, and complete in-cylinder combustion, reducing fuel consumption at an average of over 5%. 
Powerful Low speed power increased approximately 10% averagely compared to B series products. Powerful even under full load, good gradeability and driveability in soft and rough road.
Low fault rate Water pump housing, oil pump housing, water inlet and outlet piping and thermostat housing are integral to the cylinder casting, reducing the components number and the probability of leaking. Component parts are approximately over 25% fewer than other similar engines, resulting in much lower failure rate and maintenance cost.
Higher operating income With advanced design, ISB engines are approximately 100 kg lighter compared to the engines of similar power, thus bigger payload capacity in the similar model of vehicles.
Better environmental suitability With up to 7 injection events, the fuel can be sprayed into the cylinder and mixed with air better. The better mixed inflammable mixture can improve cold starts performance effectively, even at -41 ℃ ultra cold temperature.
More convenient service 80% of spare parts are compatible with B series engine's parts, whose market population surpasses 7 million units, therefore, service parts can be fully guaranteed.
Leading emission level The third generation DENSO common rail fuel injection system reduces engine smoke up to 50-80%, and the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) further lowers engine emission level.

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