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An Overview of China's Bus Industry in 2015

2016-03-24    Source:www.chinabuses.org

www.chinabuses.org: In 2015, China's major players in bus industry sold a total number of 296,110 units buses, accounting for over 98% of the overall sales volume. Compared with a sales volume of 260,259 units buses in 2014, the combined sales of those major players last year went up by 13.78% year on year. Here below is Table One showing the sales volume of buses in China from 2011 to 2015. (G.R.: growth rate)


From this table, it is clear that last year the bus industry maintained a robust growing momentum with a growth rate only slightly lower than that registered in 2011.

Also striking is the unbalanced growth in the bus market. Specifically speaking, the new energy buses are becoming the growth engine of the industry with a growth rate way above other sectors in the industry. Besides, city buses (including new energy city buses) are the major driving force for the bus industry. Coaches kept a moderate growth rate in 2015 while buses for tourists and group guests reception only went up slightly. School buses showed an extremely slow growth rate. For details, please check Table Two below.


In 2015, the light buses played a pillar role in the overall bus industry. The medium-sized buses saw some decline while the large-sized buses went up. For details, please check Table Three.


In 2015, Yutong, Higer, King Long, and Golden Dragon continued playing a dominant role in China's bus market. Though their market shares combined went down slightly, still they accounted for over half of the whole market in China. For detailes, please check Table Four. 


In recent years, LNG buses became more competitive than CNG ones. In 2015, gas powered buses (measuring 6-meter in length and above) witnessed a sharp drop, which is quite rare compared with the previous years. See below Table Five.


Finally, the bus export market remained sluggish in 2015, which dampened the overall sales in the industry. For more detailes, please check Table Six.



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