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    With the IAA 2012 curtain lifting in September's cool breeze in Hannover, King Long Bus attend IAA for the third time with five models: XMQ6800AGD, XMQ6900, XMQ6996, XMQ6129 and XMQ6130C.....More


    Let's meet in King Long Booth: HALL 11 B43, from Sept.20-27

    If you will go to IAA, if you want to talk
    to King Long, please fill the feedback and let us know.

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    King Long Sales Performance
    King Long Ten-Year Retrospect in Europe
    King Long three-door low floor XMQ6120AGD received ECWVTA certification. Among them, ten units of Euro Stars XMQ6127 were authorized as SUMSUNG’s chartered service vehicles in this Olympic Games.
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    King Long Achievement in Europe

    Serve London Olympic Games

    In July 2012, Olympic Games were held in London, where over 100 King Long buses served the Games. Ten "Euro Star" XMQ6127 buses were even appointed by Olympic Games' global partner SUMSUNG as franchised service vehicles for the transportation of committee officials, athletes, referees and volunteers.

    The Largest Order of China Bus in EU Ever

    In April 2011, King Long delivered 174 luxury city buses to ARRIVA, the largest order of China buses to EU market, appraised by Financial Times quoting "in the first big push by a Chinese vehicle producer into Europe". Currently 66% of Malta's city buses are from King Long.

    Bus Builder of the Year 2010

    In October 2009, King Long attended BUSWORLD the third time with XMQ6120C and XMQ6900 of Euro V engines, and won the Bus Builder of the Year 2010, which was the first award for King Long, as well as China bus enterprises, in BUSWORLD Kortrijk.

    Conquer the Ancient Silk Road

    In September 2008, King Long, on behalf of China bus manufacturers, attended the IAA for the first time. Its show bus XMQ6127 ran 12,500km from Xiamen City, through Xinjiang and Eurasia to Hanover, which used to be the ancient Silk Road, showing the excellent quality to the world.

    Debut in BUSWORLD

    In 2005, King Long debuted in BUSWORLD with appealing XMQ6118 and XMQ6886 buses as the representative of China bus manufacturers. King Long brought the Chinese Element to the exhibition and it created an opportunity to show the buses to European bus industry.

    March into Europe

    From 2003 to 2004, 82 XMQ6113 low-floor city buses were exported to Malta in two batches, which was the first time for King Long buses, as well as China buses, entering European market.During eight years' service in Malta, these 82 King Long city buses gained high recognition of local government and residents citizens thanks to their good operation.
    King Long Buses in Europe
    Kinglong bus in Bulgaria
    King Long bus in Bulgaria
    Kinglong bus in Bosnia
    King Long bus in Bosnia
    Kinglong bus in Germany
    King Long bus in Germany
    Kinglong bus in Russia
    King Long bus in Russia
    Kinglong bus in France
    King Long bus in France
    Kinglong bus in Romania
    King Long bus in Romania

    King Long Buses Overseas Distribution
    Kinglong bus in Malta
    King Long bus in Malta
    Kinglong bus in Serbia
    King Long bus in Serbia
    Kinglong bus in Cyprus
    King Long bus in Cyprus
    Kinglong bus in Hungary
    King Long bus in Hungary
    Kinglong bus in Italy
    King Long bus in Italy
    Kinglong bus in UK
    King Long bus in UK
    King Long Classic Bus Models
    • Dimensions[mm]:12200*2550*3870
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL8.9E5 400
    • Output[kw/rpm]:294/2100
    • Seats:(51-55)+1+1+1WC
    • Dimensions[mm]:12950*2550*3300
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISB8.9E5 380
    • Output[kw/rpm]:279/2100
    • Seats:59+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:7990*2470*3100
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISB6.7E5 225B
    • Output[kw/rpm]:166/2300
    • Seats:12+2+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:8995*2480*3435
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISB6.7E5 250
    • Output[kw/rpm]:184/2500
    • Seats:33+1+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:9895*2480*3435
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL6.7E5 300
    • Output[kw/rpm]:221/2500
    • Seats:39+1+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:12990*2550*3900
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL8.9E5 400/ISM11E5 440
    • Output[kw/rpm]:294/2100, 318/1900
    • Seats:53-59
    • Dimensions[mm]:7995*2450*3320
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISB4.5E5 207
    • Output[kw/rpm]:152/2500
    • Seats:25-31
    • Dimensions[mm]:12000*2490*3755
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL8.9E4 400/ISB8.9E5 400
    • Output[kw/rpm]:249/2100, 249/2100
    • Seats:36-55
    • Dimensions[mm]:11980*2550*3170
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL8.9E5 280B
    • Output[kw/rpm]:209/2100
    • Seats:40+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:12000*2550*3200
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL8.9E5 280B
    • Output[kw/rpm]:209/2100
    • Seats:23+3+4+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:9175*2450*3140
    • Engine Model:CUMMINS ISL6.7E5 250B
    • Output[kw/rpm]:184/2300
    • Seats:23+4+1
    • Dimensions[mm]:11950*2490*3050
    • Engine Model:Chinese YUCHAI YC6G270-30
    • Output[kw/rpm]:199(270)/2200
    • Seats:35+1
    IAA & Busworld Belgium Preview
    It’s King Long's fourth time to attend BUSWORLD Europe, and King Long released three-door low floor XMQ6120AGD city bus and luxurious tourist coach XMQ6129Y for European markets, and won the 24th special medal.
    King Long Bus brought XMQ6800, XMQ6130Y and XMQ6127J to show in IAA for the second time in September.On September 22nd, King Long Bus signed order for 174 city buses with ARRIVA, one of the top transports Group in Europe.
    King Long attended BUSWORLD Europe for the third time, and they released XMQ6120C and XMQ6900 with Euro Ⅴ emission. And King Long Bus was awarded BUS BUILDER OF THE YEAR 2010,which is the first time for China bus builder.
    King Long Bus debuted in IAA, as the first China bus builder showing IAA, and King Long XMQ6127 started from Xiamen, passing Xinjiang, Central Asia and arrived in Germany for 12,500 km, mostly the journey of China Silk Road.
    King Long Bus attended BUSWORLD Europe for the second time, and three King Long Buses, XMQ6127, XMQ6900 and XMQ6121G shown in 500 m2 booth, showing King Long Bus decision to explore European bus markets.
    King Long debut the 18th BUSWORLD Europe in Belgium with XMQ6118 and XMQ6886 in October. This is the first time for China bus builders to attend European professional bus show, which is called ice-breaking show by media.

    Interviewee: Doug Jack

    Company: Transport Resources International Ltd.


    It is easier to provide service support for city buses, because they tend to return to the same depot every evening. Manufacturers like King Long can provide a stock of spare parts and can train maintenance staff. A good example is their fleet in Malta.


    King Long has sold its products in a number of our markets and it will be interesting to see how many customers place further orders for King Long products.