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King Long Ten Years in Europe - Vision & Attitude

2012-09-21    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:Change is the predetermined happening when the choice is made, however, No one could foresee the tremendous change that happens to King Long in ten years.

www.chinabuses.org: Change is the predetermined happening when the choice is made, however, No one could foresee the tremendous change that happens to King Long in ten years.

King Long started its overseas business from 2000, and has exported to over 86 countries and regions and established its franchised dears and service agencies in over 50 countries and regions, making King Long the China bus manufacturer with the largest overseas market, most export target countries and most various products.

More importantly, King Long is doing well in European market. Data shows that King Long has exported 2500 buses to 12 EU countries, such as UK, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus and Malta, and over 20 European countries in total, leading all other China bus manufacturers, whether in the volume of sales or the quantity of countries.  

Many people, even some domestic manufacturers, regard European market as the one Chinese enterprises would never be able to get to, for it is the birthplace of world automobiles, a unattainable place.


King Long

Things changed in 2003, when King Long obtained the first order of 82 low-floor city buses from Malta, showing the first step of China bus enterprise to European market.

In the view of some people, it is occasionally that King Long, even nicknamed "Lucky Guy", obtained the order from Malta; in fact, King Long's global insight and attitude are what we should concern about. 

King Long Overseas Integrated Management Department Manager Han, Zhihong told the reporter that in the middle of 1990s, King Long organized the overseas investigation group for the international opportunities. At that time, bellwether King Long was aware that China buses must enter the world market.

Auto China 2001 was the turning point for King Long to reveal itself in the international stage. King Long met and impressed its Malta dealer in Auto China 2003, and they cooperated to introduce China's first low-floor city bus equipped with Cummins engine to Malta, Europe.

Since then, King Long has made European market the key area in its overseas strategy. Compared to CNY 2.4 billion of overseas sales target, European market makes a little contribution, however, its symbolic significance shall never be ignored. 

Apparently, King Long had to pass the world's highest standard - EU Certificate, which shut so many development countries' bus manufacturers out, to enter European market. After years' research and preparation, King Long passed UK VCA in March 2005. 


King Long

In 2005, King Long, on behalf of China bus enterprises, attended BUSWORLD, the world's supreme stage for buses, attracting the attention of European bus industry and transport industry. Some overseas media predicted China buses would change European bus market with the high-quality and lower prices, which comes into reality nowadays.

In IAA 2010, King Long declared to obtain the order from ARRIVA (European top transport service supplier) of 174 city buses worthy of EUR 20 million, showing King Long's enhanced competitiveness in overseas market.

King Long's global vision brings all the achievements. In retrospect, what did King Long get from its 10-year in European market? I think, it could be the market, or brand influence; more importantly, it made the world re-recognize China buses and the upward force.


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