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SONGZ-VI-D, A/C for 12m bus
SONGZ-VI-D, A/C for 12m bus


SZR series is a kind of split roof top unit of air conditioner for 8.5m to 12.9m conventional bus, coach, school bus or articulated bus. The cooling capacity of the series bus air conditioner ranges from 20kW to 40kW, (62840 to 136480 Btu/h or 17200 to 34400 Kcal/h). As for air conditioner for minibus or bus less than 8.5m, please refer to SZG series. Or you can contact with us at sales@shsongz.cn for more details.

Technical Specification of bus air conditioner SZR-VI-D:

Power Consumption 98A (24V)
Refrigerant Type R134a
Weigh 10 kg



The refrigerant is R134a.

The heating function is optional.

Compressor BOCK, VALEO or AOKE is optional.

The fan & blower as option like brush or brushless.


Key Features of SZR Series Bus Air Conditioner:

Beautiful appearance: The SZR series of the bus air conditioner adopts SMC (Sheet molding compound) material for the shell, to make the appearance streamlined and beautiful and with strong anti-wind capability.

Light weight: The bottom of the air conditioning unit is made of LFT(Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics) material, which is recyclable, greatly improves the production efficiency and overall weight reduced by 15% compared with ordinary bus air conditioning.

Energy saving: adoption of φ7mm inner-grooved tube for heat exchanger can achieve energy saving and low oil consumption in the air conditioning unit.

User friendly: simple operation and easy to use, convenient for users.

Service and maintenance friendly: automatic temperature control system with digital display and self-diagnosis system makes the air conditioning unit convenient for service and maintenance.

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