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Dongfeng Cummins ISD4.5
Dongfeng Cummins ISD4.5


ISD series engines have exceptional reliability leading in the industry.Along with increasingly strict emission laws and regulations, ISD series have become first power choice of domestic mainstream bus manufacturers with their reliable and dependable product platform and sustainable technological development advantages.

ISD 4.5L engine with full-authority electronic control, ranging 140-285 horsepower, are widely used in 6-11 meter-long highway bus, tour bus, school bus applications. High operation efficiency, long work cycle, and durable.Advanced electronic control system can realize intelligent management, data communication, realtime monitoring and pre-warning of faults between engine and subsystems, as well as engine and vehicle.

Since their entrance into the market in 2005, ISD series engines have become favored by OEM and users by virtue of their higher output per liter, lower fuel consumption, longer overhaul interval and lower usage cost.

Intelligent electronic controls Advanced electronic control integrated system share information among high speed datalinks, to ensure that the engine maintains the best operating status, effective fuel savings and low emissions under various loads.

Effective fuel saving With higher injection pressure up to 1800 bar, High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System features more precise control of injection timing and amount of fuel, more complete combustion, broader economical fuel consumption range, tremendously enhanced fuel economy, thus further improving low-speed performance, and resulting in better noise reduction and cold start performance.

Excellent power output Fast startup, good acceleration and gradeability, superior torque output at low speed.

Economical usage Highly integrated engine subsystems can realize fuel savings in many ways. Higher output per liter causes stable and reliable operation under complex operating conditions, resulting in excellent power, ultra long service life, and long maintenance intervals.

Leading emission level Worldwide suitability Products meeting NS IV, NS V, EEV emission requirements are developed based on an identical platform, which is lasting and reliable, of strong heritage and easy to be upgraded.As of the end of 2010, Cummins Emission Solutions factories have supplied over 300,000 sets of selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) to worldwide engine enterprises, for Euro IV, Euro V, EEV and US EPA2010 emission solutions, with proven and approved reliability.


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