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BYD Bus e-bus
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Technical Parameter

Length(mm) 12000
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 3300
G.V.W.(kg) 14300
Wheelbase(mm) 6200
Seats 17+1+1
Engine Output (kw/rpm) 90x2
Chassis Suspension System ECAS
Energy EV

Product Details

The BYD “ebus” all-electric bus is BYD’s first pure-electric bus and the first Iron-Phosphate powered e-Bus in the world. The BYD ebus is 12 meters long designed for customer transport comfort. The specially designed in-wheel drive and the electronically controlled air suspension give the   BYD ebus  an exceptionally low floor and ample door and floor space for easy passenger loading and unloading. The front windscreen occupies 2/3 of the front face of the bus for maximum viewing and safety. The silver body with black side windows convey an elegant exterior image, while the interior boasts adjustable leather drivers seating, high-quality red and black leather seats for passengers and a carefully engineered sound insulation keep the interior ride whisper quiet.
As BYD’s first pure electric bus, the   BYD ebus  also employs many advanced technologies developed by BYD internally.  For example, the Iron-phosphate or “Fe Battery” used on the   BYD ebus  is non-polluting: the materials contained in the battery can be recycled or easily disposed of.  Solar panels installed on top of the  BYD ebus  supply power to charge the Fe batteries.  The trip computer on the instrument panel can provide all the service information necessary for the driver and give him clear information while driving.
 BYD ebus Highlights
Environmentally friendly
·         No direct emissions
·         Low noise
·         Recyclable Fe battery: no toxic electrolytes and no heavy metals
·         Mileage: up to 100 kWh / 60 mi (100 kWh / 100 km)
High technology
·         Regenerative Braking
·         In-wheel drive
·         Fe battery
·         Easy charging
·         Fully charged in 3 hours or 6 hours, depending on charger style
Long range
·         The  BYD ebus  is able to run 155 miles (250 km) on a single charge in urban conditions (without input from the solar cells)
·         Unibody construction
·         4-wheel disc brakes
·         ABS and ASR
Passenger-oriented design
·         Three passenger doors with low-entry
·         Special ramps for wheelchair access
No-step passenger cabin

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