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Asiastar Bus JS6851H1
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Technical Parameter

Length(mm) 8540
Width(mm) 2400
Height(mm) 2960, 3060 (to A/C)
G.V.W.(kg) 10900
Wheelbase(mm) 4100
Seats 27+1
Engine Model YC4G180-30
Chassis Model Yaxing chassis
Energy Diesel

Product Details

This series is the most classic Asiastar city buses with the most mature technology. With the solid chassis and reasonable matching technology we guarantee the reliability of the vehicle. JS6851H1 could match different types of Yuchai engines. It reduces the fuel consumption to satisfy the customers. Both domestic and international customers all appreciate this type. The customers from Kyrgyzstan ordered 200 buses one at a time and approved the stability this year.

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