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New Hengtong Bus into Bijie City of Guizhou

2008-10-27    Source:www.chinabuses.org

In order to make the public transportation adapt to the development of urban economy, the government of Bijie City in Guizhou Province actively reform the public transportation system and upgrade. A few days ago, Bijie City public transportation limited company ordered 20 new buses from Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co. Ltd. This is the first time of Guizhou Province use luxury air-conditioned buses. Bijie City, is expected to raise the current level of public transport vehicles and ease the tense situation of bus transportation. The ordered new buses are expected to be formally put into operation in mid-November.



The Bijie City public transportation Co.Ltd. ordered 15 CKZ6853H3, 6 CKZ6751D3, It is known that, adding this order of Hengtong air-conditioned luxury buses, Hengtong vehicles in the proportion up to 2 / 3 or more currently operated in Bijie city. An official of Bijie City public transportation Co.Ltd. said: "in 2007,Bijie runned 20 Hengtong green environmental protection buses, from the experience to comfort, gained highly praise from the public widely."


Hengtong also developed a special bus transportation solution for small and medium-sized urban areas such as Bijie, from the option of line to the special road models upgrade, from passenger travel experience to driving areas design , Hengtong has been researched and made ultimate program to determine the choice for users. Hengtong also considers for the user to lower cost, not only using energy-saving ideas in the structural design of vehicles, but also setting up a number of overhaul points in vehicles to facilitate maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.


Last June, with 20 buses of Hengtong the successful operation in Bijie, greatly changed the Bijie city bus transport capacity, easing the pressure on the city bus transport. With this year nearly 40 Hengtong buses into Bijie,Hengtong bus re-entry into the vision of local people. In response, district Guizhou Hengtong Company sales manager, said: " Bijie have our bus,we also have a responsibility of the future of Bijie bus transportation. We will also contribute high-quality products and efficient services to local people's trip on our own strength. "




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