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Hengtong “New MAN”-New City Bus with Low Operation

2008-10-22    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Chongqing is one of the cities which are appointed as CNG bus promotion city by the government. Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co.,Ltd has started producing natural gas buses since the 60s , and since the 90s ,it has begin to develop CNG buses . For quite a long time , developing the high environmental, low fuel consumption gas bus technology, thus Hengtong bus is highly regarded by its customer from both in China and abroad with its excellent function, reliable quality , easy maintenance and good economic function.



“New MAN” is the latest product produced by Hengtong Bus Company, powered by natural gas. As bus fuel, natural gas is environmental and economic compared with gasoline and diesel. So the new product has several advantages:

1.Good environmental function


Natural gas is made up of CH4 which do not produce any condensations and can be will mixed and fully burned. Compared with gasoline and diesel, its CO displacement can be lowed down by 90%~95% , HC displacement can be lowed down by 30%~35%, CO2 displacement can be lowed down by 19%~25%, SO2 displacement can be lowed down by 70%~90%,dust can be low down by 40%,all the CNG bus can meet Euro Ⅱ, or EuroⅢ.

2. Good economic function , low fuel cost


As now the world energy supply is quite tense and the price of fuel is now rising continually, the gasoline price in China will integrate with the world. According to the exploited amount , the natural gas in China can use as long as 60 years , so the price of natural gas in China is comparatively stable.


3. Good security function


The density of natural gas is smaller than that of air, even if there is a leakage it can swiftly diffuse in the air, and its burnt point is quite high, not easy to get burnt. The natural gas is installed in the cylinder, and the bus will not get burnt even it is turned over or get crashed.


4 Low maintenance cost


The engine use natural as fuel , it burns sufficiently with low accumulated burnt dust, thus can low down abrasion of the cylinder and piston in this way raise the life spam of engine and at the same time can prolong the use period of engine oil and lessen the consumption of the oil.

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