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Hengtong Bus Boosts China’s Western Transport Construction

2008-08-29    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Under the guidance of the principle "Development of the Western Region", China's western province are facing great opportunity. Transportation construction in these western provinces has always been the focus of the economic development.


Located in Chongqing municipality, a western area in China, Hengtong Bus has grasped this opportunity to boost its development and made contribution to the transportation construction in China's western region. Hengtong buses can be seen now in some western provinces like Sichuan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Gansu, Ningxia etc. Nei jiang, a inner city in China’s western Sichuang province, has recently ordered 20 units luxury Hengtong buses to improve the city's transportation and meet its fast urbanization. So far, Hengtong has made great success in China's western regions and will no doubt continue its success in the urbanization for western areas.


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