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Hengtong Buses Operate in Hubei Province

2011-01-08    Source:www.chinabuses.org
www.chinabuses.org: At the beginning of this year, Hengtong CNG buses that are made for the customres in Yichang, Shien and Ezhou in Hubei Province have rolled off the production line respectively and been delivered them.

Hengtong buses

Hengtong CKZ6126HNA3 buses were operated in Yichang, contributing to better image of the local city. It is known that Hengtong Newman buses are outstanding in energy-saving, large passenger capacity, wide applicability and high cost performance and equipped with rear engine, natural gas power, human-centered facilities such as two-step, durable plastic flooring, and armrest for each separate seat and electronic display.

Hengtong buses

On 29 December 2010, the starting ceremony of Hengtong buses was held in Enshi, Hubei Province and these buses ran in the special route with large passenger flowing there. These buses combine the local national culture elements and pattern in appearance and deploy the technologies of semi-integral body, phosphorization, desulfuration and rust prevention.

In 2010, the Ezhou municipal government defined the development strategy and objective of integration of urban and rural city buses. Ezhou Public Transport Company chose Hengtong Sunshine natural gas buses (air-conditioner). Hengtong Sunshine buses are provided with elegant appearance, front & middle door design, reasonable spacing among seats, low floor (270MM height), blow moulding seats and adjustable display.

Since operating in Enshi City, Hengtong buses have been purchased by the customers in mass production in many cities in Hubei Province such as Huangshi, Shiyan, Yichang and Ezhou. There are 90% of the buses operated in Enshi being produced by Hengtong Bus. 



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