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Beijing Bus & Truck Expo is Aiming High

Every spring is a season when a number of bus & coach exhibitions scramble for the attention from both bus & coach builders and the general public. By splashing a large sum of money at every exhibition, all exhibitors want to set up a better brand image and tap into some new business opportunities. Similarly, both clients and visitors hope to get some valuable business information or maybe ink some business deals.


·Ankai Bus & Coach Models on Display All Became Winners
·Higer Won 3 Awards In Beijing Exhibition
·Kinglong Wins Two Awards at Expo
·Higer Brings 5 Models at Beijing Bus & Truck Expo
·Hengtong Appears in Beijing Bus Exhibition
·Guilin Daewoo Brings New Products to Beijing Bus Exhibition
·Eight Kinglong Bus & Coach Models Debuted at Beijing Bus & Truck Expo
·Zhongtong: The First Double-decker Bus Debuts at Expo
· “Yutong Cup” Drivers Energy-Saving Competition Kicks Off

In order to demonstrate the achievements of China’s road transport equipment, promote the implementation of road transport policies...

Activity Photo

Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene
Opening ceremory Opening ceremory Opening ceremory Opening ceremory Opening ceremory
Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene Exhibition scene
Exhibition Buses & Coaches

Ankai HFF 6140S07D-1 Changlong YS6108 Foton BJ6110UBMTB Higer H91 Huanghai DD6187S01
North Neoplan BFC 6128 Shaolin SLG6120HEV Hybrid Shuchi YTK 6730 Sunlong SLK 6121 Youngman JNP 6126A
Yutong ZK6126HGZ Yutong ZK6127HS9 Yutong ZK6146HSB Hengtong CKZ6101CD3 Hengtong CKZ6116HENV3
Hengtong CKZ6127CH3 Hengtong CKZ6127HN3 Hengtong CKZ6650Q Hengtong CKZ6790CNA3 Hengtong CKZ6890CH3
Zhongtong LCK6120GT Zhongtong LCK6129HB Zhongtong LCK6140HD Zhongtong LCK6939H Higer H92
Higer KLQ6129GQH2 fuel cell Higer KLQ6140GQ Higer Scania KLQ6147S Kinglong XMQ5030XXY Kinglong XMQ5140XSW
Kinglong XMQ6120C Kinglong XMQ6128Y Kinglong XMQ6140P2 Kinglong XMQ6520E3 Kinglong XMQ6752NE
GoldenDragon XML6116J13CS GoldenDragon XML6125 GoldenDragon XML6126 GoldenDragon XML6700H GoldenDragon XML6858
Parts Exhibition Product

Commins-gas-plus-8.3 Commins-ISL 8.9 Kailong-electromagnetic-fan Kailong-JFZ-2101 Kailong-plumbing-style-gas-heater Kailong-radiator Michelin-tire YC6K-engine YC6M-engine ZF

Audience Talk Exhibition

Even though Beijing Bus & Truck Expo is held for the first time, the show still managed to attract 22 bus & coach builders and 29 component manufacturers...more


Yutong EnergySaving Declaration On this special occasion, we sincerely ask you to make your own contributions in our energy saving cause. Please join us right now to care more about our living environment. Believer, every little effort you make will make a difference!


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