2017 NPC and CPPCC sessions are scheduled to kick off in Beijing on Mar. 5 and Mar. 3 respectively. For the past thirteen years, Yutong has never been absent from the two major political events in China. With the zero-fault record, Yutong buses and coaches have also won wide recognition thanks to its high reliability and unparalleled services.

Yutong T7 and New Energy Buses Take the Lead at 2017 NPC and CPPCC Sessions

As an experienced carrier serving at the two high-profile events for thirteen consecutive years, Yutong sends its most popular products T7 and E10 as the leading carriers for service this year.【Details】

Tang Yuxiang: Running Yutong is liking Running Marathon

Tang Yuxiang, President of Yutong Group and a deputy to NPC points out that "Yutong will continue to adhere to technological innovation and promote industrial upgrading and sound and sustainable development of China’s bus manufacturing industry. ”【Details】

Yutong Buses Escort Big Events

Yutong Buses Serve at APEC Summit in Peru


On November 19, the 24th APEC leaders’ meeting was held in Lima, the capital of Peru. Yutong buses once again were designated as the official carrier for such a high-profile event.

Yutong Grabbed Attention at G20 Hangzhou Summit


During the G20 Hangzhou Summit, over 100 units Yutong T7 coaches have successfully finished their heavy transportation tasks, leaving an indelible impression on all distinguished guests.

Yutong High-end Business Vehicles Make Big Splashes


China’s high-end medium-sized business vehicles have seldom managed to make their appearance at some high-profile events. However, the situation is slowly changing with the debut of Yutong T7.

400-plus Big Heads Gathered at Yutong


Over 400 bus experts and representatives from bus operators gathered at Yutong, attending ReCtrl Leading New Upgrading---Yutong New Energy City Bus Promotional Campaign.

Yutong Buses at NPC and CPPCC

Yutong T7

Yutong T7 front face
Yutong T7 has already appeared at a host of high-profile events, such as 2016 and 2017 NPC and CPPCC sessions, Bo’ao Asia Forum and G20 Hangzhou Summit.
  • Yutong T7 front face
  • Yutong T7 rear
  • Yutong T7 side
  • Yutong T7 side
  • Yutong T7 cab
  • Yutong T7 seats
  • Yutong T7 seats
  • Yutong T7 seats

Yutong T7 High Quality

Yutong T7 has successfully passed a series of stringent tests under extreme conditions, such as those places with high altitude or extreme temperatures. No matter in such unfriendly weathers as over 40 degree Celsius or minus 30 degree Celsius or in those places with an altitude of over 4,000 meters, the vehicle can still maintain smooth operation. Apart from successfully passing the national roll-over test, the vehicle achieves high level of safety standards and maneuverability and offers passengers a host of travel comforts. In all, Yutong T7 is fully prepared to rival with its global counterparts.

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