Bonluck Coaches Get Fiji Olympic Heroes Home

Fiji's players get back home by Bonluck coaches after winning the men's rugby sevens gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016...[more]

Bonluck Delivered to Belbaker Group Australia

Recently, some coaches which Belbaker group ordered from Australia were delivered again, including Bonluck JXK6145 and Bonluck JXK6127...[more]

Bonluck Forging Ahead in FIJI

As the first part of its Fiji expansion, Bonluck has launched four Australia-China Co-designed, Bonluck made range to Fiji market...[more]

Bonluck Buses Overseas Distribution Map
Bonluck Buses in Australia

As one of the pioneers in exporing foreign high-end luxuary market, Bonluck has started entering into Australia market since 2007. Bonluck's products for Australia had covered from buses, tourism, school bus, to special vehicle, representing the highest quality of Bonluck. In 2009, against the continued global economic gloomy, Bonlcuck still maintained a fast overseas growing momentum of 60%. In the face of the famous bus brands like Volvo and Benz, BLK's  sales volumes had ranked the top three as early as 2009 in Australia...[more]

Bonluck Buses in America

The developed countries such as the United States have strict requirements for bus market with regard to exhaust emission, safety, performance and production technology of buses. In order to meet the above high-level and tough bus requirements, BLK has already obtained a series of technology-intensive certifications, like U.S. DOT Certification, Australian ADR Certification and European ECE Certification. Whese these certifications, BLK buses have access to the American market, and even all around the world...[more]

Bonluck Buses in Brunei

The Bonluck buses, especially the low-floor buses, have been delivering great customer service in the past to its clients from Brunei since entering into the market in 2011.  These bus models are newly developed, designed and manufactured by Bonluck for the local market. It is reported by the local citizens that the engine power is very strong, and with the tailored A/C, it is very cool either driving or sitting inside the bus. they like Bonluck design very much and is satisfied with the performance of the vehicle...[more]

Bonluck Buses in Fiji

As one of the leading bus manufacturers in China, Bonluck Bus has began exploring the possibilities for expanding its coaches and buses to FIJI market as early as 2013. As an strategic part of its expansion, Bonluck has launched four Australia-China Co-designed, Bonluck made coaches range to Fiji market, including COOPER,PRESIDENT 2,PRESIDENT 3 and ORCA 14, aiming to offer new buses and coaches which are modern, safe and comfortable to Fiji and improve their urban mobility...[more]

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Bonluck Buses Around the World

CHTC BONLUCK BUS Co., Ltd. is a shareholding enterprise integrating bus design, R&D, producing and sales. BONLUCK BUS is the first Bus & Coach manufacturer in China exporting in large quantities to developed countries including the US and Australia with its intellectual property and Chinese national brand. Eyeing on the high-end overseas markets, BLK has succeeded in exporting its bus & coach products to nearly 30 countries and regions across the globe. Through establishing a set of stringent technological standards...[more]