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Transdev Blazefield Unveils Next-generation Alexander Dennis Enviro400EV Double Deckers Bus

2024-06-24    Source:Alexander Dennis
Summarize:21st June 2024, Alexander Dennis, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc , one of the world’s leading independent gl

21st June 2024, Alexander Dennis, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, announced that bus operator Transdev Blazefield has officially launched the first of 19 zero-emission Enviro400EV double deckers for The Harrogate Bus Company.

The bus was shown to local stakeholders, invited guests and the public during a celebration at The Yorkshire Hotel in Harrogate, England earlier this week.

Transdev Blazefield is the second customer to take delivery of next-generation Alexander Dennis electric buses, and the first to employ them on a service with long stretches of interurban running at higher speeds.

To facilitate all-day operation with departures up to every 10 minutes on the 27-mile route between Leeds, Harrogate and Ripon, the Enviro400EV are fitted with roof-mounted charging rails to allow their 472kWh batteries be topped up by pantograph during layovers at Harrogate bus station. The need for additional energy will nevertheless be kept to a minimum thanks to the Enviro400EV’s highly efficient driveline powered by the heavy-duty Voith Electrical Drive System.

The new electric buses will build on route 36’s long tradition of pioneering innovation for an amazing customer experience by adding a smooth and quiet ride to the high-standard vehicle interiors that Transdev Blazefield prides itself on offering to its customers.

These include bespoke flooring, USB and wireless mobile device charging and latest audio-visual passenger information systems including displays facing the two wheelchair bays. Comfortable seats are arranged in a spacious 2+1 pattern on the upper deck, with reclining single seats angled inwards alongside expanded window ledges and armrests.

Henri Rohard, Transdev Blazefield Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Alexander Dennis on the next generation of the 36. This service has a special place in Transdev Blazefield network. I believe that the configuration considered in this bus is the best available and integrates all the latest innovation that we could think of. The design has been considered to improve our passenger comfort, safety, and accessibility. We will continue to integrate after the launch, additional features to further boost the quality of our passenger and driver on board information.

“We are looking forward to welcoming these buses into our fleet in the coming months.”

Alexander Dennis President & Managing Director, Paul Davies, said: “We are extremely honoured that Transdev Blazefield has chosen our next-generation Enviro400EV for its investment in a stunning new generation of buses for The Harrogate Bus Company’s iconic route 36.

“Our Enviro400EV is excellently suited to the interurban nature of this service, with our heavy-duty driveline perfectly matched to the requirements of route 36, delivering the power required whilst offering the efficiency needed to comfortably cover high daily mileages. We’re combining this with class-leading warrantable energy throughput to ensure these buses will go further for longer, driving value for Transdev through their efficiency and longevity.”

Through its partner North Yorkshire Council, Transdev Blazefield received funding towards the purchase of its new Alexander Dennis Enviro400EV from the first round of the UK Government’s Zero-Emission Bus Regional Areas scheme (ZEBRA 1).


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