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Zhang Xiaoping Deeply Interprets the Development Path of ACTIA China

2024-06-13    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:After 21 years development in China, ACTIA China has taken every step firmly and powerfully

After 21 years development in China, ACTIA China has taken every step firmly and powerfully.

Since 2024, ACTIA China's sales have reached a new high, further consolidating its leading position in the market. To meet the diverse needs of the market, ACTIA China continues to innovate and break through, continuously introducing a variety of innovative and more competitive products and solutions, demonstrating a strong development momentum and an upward trend.

On May 29, 2024, Zhang Xiaoping, Chairman and General Manager of ACTIA China, received an exclusive interview at the 2024 Beijing Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components , explaining the secrets of the company's development. Zhang Xiaoping emphasized, "The steady development of ACTIA China stems from our unwavering original intention and mission. We have always put customers at the center, taken technological innovation as the core driving force for the company's development, and constantly pursued high-quality improvement of products and services."

Zhang Xiaoping introduced that in the current era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, the complexity of vehicle control equipment and control interfaces has posed serious challenges to driving safety and efficiency, requiring highly integrated solutions to fully meet the requirements of intelligence and reliability. To solve this problem, ACTIA China keeps up with the times, bases on user needs, and builds a comprehensive network, centralized control, and efficient communication ecosystem for users by supporting multiple vehicle networking strategies, continuously improving the safety and intelligence level of driving operations.

He particularly emphasized that the primary principle of buses is safe driving. Therefore, the ACTIVI digital cockpit is designed with two separate audio-visual systems in different areas to ensure that driving is not disturbed. At the same time, the intelligent and convenient controllability ensures the richness of functions, enhances the user experience, and further improves safety, ensuring riding comfort and fully meeting diversified needs. The ACTIVI digital cockpit solves a series of problems in the commercial vehicle industry and will also win more competitive advantages for Chinese buses on the international stage.

"As one of the six major R&D centers of the ACTIA Group, ACTIA China is committed to introducing the group's strong and rich technological resources into China, and conducts product technology innovation and upgrades every year to better meet the growing market demand and promote the sustainable development of road transport and non-road transport," said Zhang Xiaoping. "We are not only the backbone of the passenger bus industry, but also strive to become the backbone of other fields in the future."

Accelerating the "going global" speed of China buses

Since 2024, China buses have continued to maintain a high opening and stable performance in the international market, with the pace of "going global" significantly accelerated, injecting new vitality and warmth into the development of the entire bus industry. In this process, ACTIA China has played an indispensable role with its excellent technical strength.


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