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Batch Delivery of Higer New V-series Buses to Yulin Dazhong Travel Transport

2024-06-13    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:On June 3, 2024, 10 new 12-meter V-series buses from Higer were officially delivered to Yulin Dazhong Tourism Pa
On June 3, 2024, 10 new 12-meter V-series buses from Higer were officially delivered to Yulin Dazhong Tourism Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yulin Dazhong Travel"), located in the beautiful northern Shaanxi. The batch of newly delivered V-series buses adopt a high-grade, 50-seat layout, integrating innovative design and intelligent configurations, achieving comprehensive upgrades in both appearance and interior, and bringing a brand-new experience upgrade to the tourism passenger transport and commuting in northern Shaanxi.

Founded in 2017, Yulin Dazhong Travel undertakes commuting services for more than ten local enterprises, with a daily passenger flow of around 2,000 people. Liu Xiu, the legal representative of the company, said, "The company currently has about 110 operational buses, mainly engaged in commuting and tourism services, with commuting services accounting for a larger proportion and good economic benefits. We conduct online and offline training for drivers twice a month to ensure safe and quality services. At the same time, we always adhere to high standards and strict requirements in purchasing vehicles to achieve environmentally friendly, economical, comfortable, and convenient operations."

Before this, Yulin Dazhong Travel's fleet only had 6 Higer buses, which was a relatively small number compared to the size of the fleet. However, after the launch of the new V-series buses from Higer in March this year, Liu Xiu decisively chose to purchase this model. "At the end of last year, we visited Higer and experienced the new V-series prototype, which left a deep impression on me," said Liu Xiu. He believes that the appearance and interior of the new V-series can compete with similar models in the same category, and it also has certain advantages. After gradually gaining a deeper understanding of the new V-series, Liu Xiu firmly decided to purchase it. The new V-series buses are built on a new digital design platform, significantly improving the commonality rate of components and parts, enhancing reliability while saving maintenance costs. The adoption of new materials, new processes, and new manufacturing techniques has also brought the overall production quality and efficiency to a new level.

Liu Xiu said, "The winter in Yulin is severely cold, with temperatures dropping to minus 20 degrees Celsius or even lower, which places high demands on the cold resistance of vehicles." In response to the winter operation scenarios in cold regions, the batch of new V-series buses is equipped with 8 heaters inside, equipped with a temperature air-conditioning system, and uses hollow glass for side windows, comprehensively enhancing the temperature function inside the vehicle. In addition, the enlarged luggage compartment volume and the standard intelligent cockpit of the new V-series have also become "additional points" for Liu Xiu's final decision to purchase the vehicles.

Liu Xiu feels very excited about the addition of the new V-series. He believes that excellent products create excellent value. The new V-series provides upgrades that exceed expectations in all aspects, enabling it to create unprecedented value, help the company's service quality and economic benefits reach new heights, and provide an enhanced service experience for the citizens of Yulin.

As an industry benchmark product created by Higer, the new V-series has achieved sales in 23 provinces across the country shortly after its launch. In the future, the new V-series will continue to embrace the future with a brand-new attitude, outperform in the growing and changing market, and contribute more to the sustainable development of the tourism passenger transport industry.


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