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Experience the Intersection of Comfort, Innovation, and Sustainability at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024

2024-03-28    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:After delivering two successful exhibitions in 2019 and 2022, the bus and coach industry gearsup for its next bi
After delivering two successful exhibitions in 2019 and 2022, the bus and coach industry gearsup for its next big meet in the upcoming third edition of Busworld Southeast Asia. Scheduledfrom May 15-17, 2024, at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia, this event promises tobe a pivotal moment for industry professionals.

The Indonesian bus market is on an upward trajectory, fueled by urbanization, infrastructuralenhancements, environmental concerns, and tourism. Government-led initiatives aresignificantly influencing the shift towards more sustainable, cleaner public transport solutions,including electric buses.

Lots of vehicles to discover

Indonesia's top bus bodybuilders, Laksana, New Armada, Adi Putro, and Tentrem—collectively representing around 80% of the market share—are all set to display their latestinnovations at the event.

Notably, New Armada will be celebrating its 50th anniversary by unveiling a new vehicleamong its diverse exhibit, which includes a sleeper coach, a 6-meter minibus, an 8-metermidibus, several 12-meter coaches, and more. This exhibit also serves to spotlight theircollaboration with Sinar Jaya, one of Indonesia's leading bus operators.

Laksana is taking significant strides towards the electrification of transport, showcasing a fullelectric low entry 12-meter bus. As pioneers of the sleeper bus concept in Indonesia, Laksanacontinues to innovate with its Suites Class offering varied travel experiences.

Adi Putro is leading the way in chassis design with its air suspension frame, reflecting itscommitment to quality and innovation through ongoing research and internationalcollaboration.

Tentrem, known for its high-quality production of medium to large buses, remains focused ondelivering excellence.

Golden Dragon also returned to the show and focuses completely on the electric buses trend.They will present the 6-meter Astar, the 7.3-meter Intour and the 12-meter E12 LD.

Components, accessories and services are equally important

The exhibition will also feature a wide array of components, accessories, and services fromsuppliers across Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Türkiye, and the United Kingdom. A specialhighlight of this year’s program is the Company Pitch Program, set for May 16, designed toPress release Busworld Southeast Asia – 21 March 2024 2facilitate efficient information exchange and deepen industry knowledge among engineeringteams and other participants.

Matchmaking: get connected to your new business partner(s)

In a bid to foster direct connections within the industry, Busworld introduces a MatchmakingProgram aimed at bridging the gap between bus body builders (buyers) and suppliers ofcomponents, accessories, and services (sellers). This initiative is designed to streamlinethe collaboration process, ensuring that participants find the right partners for their businessneeds.

Electric Bus Conference

A key feature of Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 will be a comprehensive conference on theelectrification of bus fleets, taking place on May 16 and 17. This event will gather insights fromglobal transportation leaders, focusing on market trends, investment strategies, andoperational efficiencies in electric bus deployment.

Notable speakers include Tom Cunnington from Transport for London and Alok Jain fromThe Kowloon Motor Bus Company, among others, who will share their expertise on a rangeof topics from insurance and safety to route planning and rider communication strategies.

For the latest updates, including detailed exhibitor information, program schedules, and ticketregistration, please visit www.busworldsoutheastasia.org. Busworld and its exhibitors areeagerly anticipating the opportunity to welcome bus and coach professionals from SoutheastAsia and beyond.


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