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Ankai Bus & Coach Sales Up by 169.33% Year on Year in 2023

2024-02-18    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:According to Ankai, its bus & coach sales grew by 169 33% year on year and its sales of large- and medium-size

According to Ankai, its bus & coach sales grew by 169.33% year on year and its sales of large- and medium-sized buses & coaches jumped by 203.39% year on year in 2023. Despite a host of challenges and difficulties, the bus maker demonstrated a strong resilience and a growing competitiveness in the market.

In March, 2023, Ankai exported a batch of A8 high-end coaches to Saudi Arabia, which was widely reported in the market. To adapt to the tropical desert climate, Ankai A8 has further optimized its air-conditioning system and powertrain system. After their arrival, they were immediately put into operation, providing more comfortable and more convenient traveling experience for local residents. It is revealed that Ankai’s total sales volume in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 10,000 units, showcasing its formidable competitiveness in the global market.

On May, 10, Ankai delivered a batch of 12-meter G9 buses to Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica, including 5 units entirely powered by electricity. It is the first time for Chinese electric buses to operate in the country. According to Ankai, G9, as one of its star products, has both fossil fuel and electric drivelines, meeting varied needs of bus operators.

On May 23, 28 units Ankai A6 electric buses arrived in Thailand for operation. Equipped with a monocoque body structure, A6 electric bus has received electrophoresis treatment and thus is highly resistant to corrosion and rust., ideal for operation in hot and humid working conditions.

As one of the leading players in China’s bus-making industry, Ankai boasts a wide spectrum of bus & coach products powered by diesel, natural gas and new energy. It also provides customized transportation solutions for customers across the globe, meeting different climate conditions and varied needs of passengers. So far, it has established a solid presence in nearly 100 countries and regions, including New Zealand, Russia, Italy, France, UK, USA, South Korea, and Kazakhstan. To better serve its customers, it has some highly experienced after-sales service engineers stationed in the overseas market, providing timely and essential operation supports and training services.

On January, 15, 2024, 50 units Ankai buses were officially handed over to a bus operator in Dominica, providing transportation services for local students. In the year of 2024, the bus maker is determined to further sharpen its overall competitiveness in the global market, helping cities and countries upgrade their public transport networks.


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