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Foton AUV Enables Bus Operators to Further Improve Performances

2023-04-14    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:On April 6, Foton AUV received a Thank-You letter from Chongqing Public Transport Group In the letter, the bus

On April 6, Foton AUV received a Thank-You letter from Chongqing Public Transport Group. In the letter, the bus operator expressed its thanks for the bus maker’s great services at the second China City Bus Driving Skill Competition (final) held in Hefei, Anhui Province, on March, 23 this year.

According to sources, the final competition attracted 120 skilled bus drivers from 19 cities across China. After several rounds of intense competition, four bus drivers, Liu Yanjun, You Ping, Fu Tao and Ling Fei from Chongqing Public Transport Group, won one first prize and three second prizes, fully demonstrating their professional skills.

Foton AUV BJ6123 electric city bus is designated as the sole competition vehicle for the event. Its consistently smooth performances have also won unanimous acclaims from all contestants. Its superb performances in speed, energy efficiency and safety standards allowed contestants to fully showcase their extraordinary driving skills.

To ensure the smooth operation of Foton AUV BJ6123 electric city buses, the bus maker set up a special after-sales service team. All the experienced technicians in the team worked tirelessly and provided strong support for the competition.

Actually, Chongqing Public Transport Group has long been a loyal customer of Foton AUV. It purchased 70 units BJ6105 city buses in 2019, 30 units BJ6122 intercity buses in 2020, 10 units BJ6105 hydrogen fuel cell buses in 2021 and 120 units BJ6123 city buses in 2022. For years, Foton AUV bus fleet has been working smoothly in Chongqing, a city built on mountains and featuring challenging roads for drivers.

By adopting light-weight materials, monocoque body structures and high-strength steel, Foton AUV electric intelligent buses successfully cut their body weights and thus achieve even higher energy efficiency. Equipped with drivers’ behavior monitoring systems, lane deviation alarming systems, front collision alarming systems, chemical dangers detection systems, Foton AUV buses fully ensure the travel safety of bus drivers and passengers. Their streamlined bodies and uniquely attractive appearances give them another edge on the road.

According to Foton AUV, it will continue to work closely with Chongqing Public Transport Group and other bus operators across China to make travel more convenient and more environmentally friendly.


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