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JAC Group Exports Jumped by 153.96% in March

2023-04-08    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:On April, 7, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp , Ltd (hereafter referred to as JAC) officially released a re
On April, 7, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as JAC) officially released a report, showing that it sold 53,000 units vehicles in March, up by 24.10% year on year. In the first three months this year, its total sales volume reached 138,400 units, up by 6.97% year on year. In the same period, its sales volume of passenger vehicles stood at 78,600 units, up by 21.06% year on year. More impressively, its sales of sedan cars in the first quarter soared by over 400% year on year. 
In terms of exports, it delivered 19,000 units vehicles to its customers in the overseas market in March, up by 153.96% year on year; in the first quarter this year, its export volume grew by 97.10%, reaching 46,200 units. For three consecutive months this year, JAC managed to record positive growths in its exports.
In late February this year, JAC delivered 10,000 units passenger vehicles to UAE, marking a new milestone for its business in the country and the whole Gulf region. 
In March, Ankai, a subsidiary of JAC, shipped a batch of high-end A8 coaches to Saudi Arabia. So far, Ankai, the leading bus brand in the public transport sector in Saudi Arabia, has delivered over 10,000 units buses and coaches to the country.   
Since early 2023, the auto market has been sluggish. From Mar., 1 to 19, the passenger vehicle sold 700,000 units, down by 8% year on year, down by 4% compared with that in the same period in February this year. So far this year, China sold 3.379 million units vehicles, down by 18% year on year. Against such a backdrop, JAC’s performances in March and in the first quarter this year are truly remarkable.
In recent years, JAC has been making relentless efforts to develop electricity powered and internet-connected vehicles. Currently, it boasts a wide spectrum of vehicle products with fossil fuel power drivelines, electric drivelines and hybrid drivelines. 
JAC Junling Jubaopen, a light truck with an automatic transmission gearbox, officially hit the market in March this year. Through making a series of technological breakthroughs, the new light truck is able to drive 1,000 km continuously. It is also revealed that JAC sold 25,200 units commercial vehicles in March this year, up by 32.88% year on year; it sold 18,800 units light trucks, up by 26.21% year on year.  
In 2022, the company sold 302,000 units passenger vehicles, up by 19.64% year on year and performing better than the industrial average. In terms of its overseas market, JAC exported 114,600 units vehicles in 2022, up by 55.88% year on year and performing better than the industrial average. So far, JAC has established a solid presence in over 130 countries and regions across the globe with a total number of over 850,000 units JAC vehicles in smooth operation. In addition, it has been the leading exporter of high-end light trucks in China for many years.

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