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Delivering Zero Emissions: ZF Presents Advanced New eMobility Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

2022-09-15    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division has underlined its commitment to the fully electrified future
ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division has underlined its commitment to the fully electrified future of mobility by presenting its latest eMobility technologies ahead of IAA Transportation 2022. This includes ZF’s new CeTrax 2 electric central drive – an integrated, modular e-driveline system for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. ZF has also presented its advanced new Electric Power Steering (EPS) system for trucks, coaches and city buses. The EPS has been prepared for steer-by-wire and up to Level 5 autonomous driving. eWorX, ZF’s electrified commercial vehicle Power Take-Off (PTO) system for driving on-board work equipment, has also been presented offering emission-free city and urban operation.

“From electrified drivelines to electrified power take-off systems and electrically enabled actuation systems, ZF provides customers with smart turn-key solutions that significantly contribute to their vehicle electrification strategies as well as supporting architectures for conventionally designed vehicles,” said Dr. Christian Brenneke, Senior Vice President of Product Engineering with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division.

“Providing a ‘one-stop-shop' for commercial vehicle electrification, ZF’s broad product portfolio, combined with extensive Group-wide expertise, enables the delivery of cost-efficient products that are designed to lower the Total Cost of Ownership. ZF is well-positioned as the preferred development partner for leading truck, coach and bus brands worldwide,” Brenneke added.

Electrifying heavy-duty commercial vehicles

ZF has unveiled its new CeTrax 2 electric central drive – an integrated, modular e-drive system for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Leveraging in-house developed components, it features two high performance oil-cooled e-motors as well as two integrated 800 Volt silicon carbide (SiC) inverters. CeTrax 2 uses an advanced three-speed gearbox able to perform powershifts.

With all components integrated within an innovative and compact single unit, CeTrax 2 allows manufacturers to offer both conventional ICE and electric drivelines on the same vehicle platform. In addition to enabling the quicker electrification of existing vehicle platforms, it enables high power and torque, light weight design (approx. 385 kg) and enhanced e-drive efficiency of up to 96 percent. With continuous power of 360 kW and peak torque of 24,700 Nm for vehicles up to 44 tons, CeTrax 2’s electric central drive is actioned with smooth and almost imperceptible gear changes due to its seamless powershifting. Building on ZF’s decades of transmission and electrification experience, the gear changes are calculated by the integrated ECU and automatically executed by the e-actuators. Series production of CeTrax 2 is set to commence with a major global truck manufacturer in 2023.

A Building Block for Electrification and Autonomous Driving

ZF’s new Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides a cornerstone technology for the commercial vehicle industry’s transformation towards electrification. Building on the Group’s extensive passenger car experience, the EPS is suitable for a broad range of medium and heavy-duty trucks as well as coaches and city buses. It also provides a building block for the next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, supporting the commercial vehicle industry’s autonomous driving ambitions.

Replacing the hydraulic pump with an integrated e-motor makes the steering system independent of the vehicle's drivetrain and removes the need for hydraulic fluid. As a result, the system supports industry sustainability as well as making this technology a seamless fit for electric vehicle architectures. Enabling zero local emissions for battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, it also optimizes the driving experience with its quiet and smooth electric operation. Applicable to all powertrain concepts, the EPS seamlessly matches the requirements of electric vehicle architectures. Built to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL D) and available in 24V and 48V variants and supporting outputs up to 8,000 Nm, the modular EPS has a scalable design, meeting diverse packaging requirements.

ZF’s EPS is currently ready for steer-by-wire and, with a redundant architecture, can accommodate future autonomous driving functions up to Level 5. As an active steering system, EPS can integrate with ADAS to support safety functions including, for example, continuous lane keeping.

Silent, Zero-Emission Power Take-Off for Electric Trucks

Supporting the electric transformation of the commercial industry, eWorX, ZF’s electrified Commercial Vehicle Power Take-Off (PTO) system has been harnessed to drive on-board work equipment. As a fully integrated system, eWorX offers significant value for vehicle and body manufacturers as a modular, standardized and intelligent system that combines all the functions required for the electrification of on-board equipment in a single compact unit.

Providing a known mechanical interface, eWorX supports vehicle body manufacturers by removing the need to deal with the drivetrain of an electrified vehicle while equipping it with work equipment. Representing a major step in the electric transformation of commercial vehicles, the eWorX solution delivers zero local emissions and significantly reduces noise levels which facilitates easier operation in cities and residential areas.


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