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SAIC Maxus Wide-Body Light Buses Sold 45,595 Units from January to August

2022-09-07    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:According to SAIC Maxus, it sold 19,435 units vehicles in August, up by 30% year on year In the same month,

According to SAIC Maxus, it sold 19,435 units vehicles in August, up by 30% year on year. In the same month, the company sold 8,419 units wide-body light buses and 5,979 units pickups (up by 39% year on year).

From January to August, SAIC Maxus sold over 110,000 units vehicles and exported over 50,000 units vehicles abroad. Its sales volume in Australia, Chile and Mexico all exceeded 10,000 units. In Europe, its sales volume doubled in the first eight months. In the same period, the company sold 45,595 units wide-body light buses and nearly 38,000 units pickups.

Recently, SAIC Maxus EV90 school buses were delivered to Denmark for operation. In addition, EV90 and EV30 new energy commercial vehicles arrived in cities in Europe for operation. In just seven days, T90 EV sold over 1,000 units. MIFA 5, MIFA 6 and EV90 were also delivered to Finland for operation, becoming the official carriers for the local Women’s American Football Match. MIFA 9 is set to officially enter European market by attending Hanover Auto Show this month.

In Australia, SAIC Maxus V90 ranked the first place in its sales in the first eight months. In the same period, the sales of G10 and G10 PLUS accounted for 13.4% of Australian light commercial vehicle market, ranking the top three brands in the market. In New Zealand, the sales of SAIC Maxus cargo trucks ranked the second place in the market with its market share reaching 13.4%.

Also in the first months this year, SAIC Maxus’ sales volume in South America and the Middle East jumped by 60% and over 200% year on year, further strengthening their presence in the regional market. In Chile, SAIC Maxus ranked the first place in the local pickup market and the second place in the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) market. Juan Carlos, the minister of Chilean Communication & Transport Ministry, spoke highly of SAIC Maxus, saying it has greatly promoted the commercial operation of electric vehicles in Latin America. In Mexico, SAIC Maxus T60 pickup sold over one million units, ranking far above other competitors in the pickup market.

DHL, one of the leading players in the world’s logistic market, purchased over 100 units SAIC Maxus EV30 for operation in Chile, Peru, Panama, Mexico and Guatemala, etc. Recently, 120 units EV30 were put into operation for Chile Post and Mercado Libre, the largest online retailer in Chile. MIFA 6 has successfully made its presence in Chile and Israel. As the most expensive new energy SUV in Chile, MIFA 6 was delivered to Francisco Lopez, the three times champion of Dakar Rally Light Vehicle Group.

Thanks to more favorable policies in effect since April this year, SAIC Maxus has seen a fast growing demand for its pickups. Its fist pickup products, T70 and T90, are truly stars in the pickup market.

On August, 28, SAIC Maxus G20 PLUS and G20 ES, two new members in its MPV family, officially made their debut. In the first eight months this year, the company sold over 22,000 units MPVs. Not long ago, it rolled out G50 PLUS (2023) at Chengdu Auto Show, which made a big splash in the MPV market.

As one of the pioneers in the new energy vehicle market, SAIC Maxus successfully developed MIFA series new energy vehicles, including electric MIFA 9 (MPV), MIFA 5 (customized concept vehicle) and MIFA 6 (SUV). From January to July this year, the sales volume of the electricity powered MIFA grew by 125.9% year on year. Its market share in the electricity powered MPV market reached 17.5%.

At Chengdu Auto Show this year, SAIC Maxus revealed its SUV Lingdi, which is equipped with Xuanyuan power technology (diesel hybrid), a powerful four-wheel drive system, an intelligent drive assisting system, etc.

SAIC Maxus T90 is its first pickup recreational vehicle. In July, its sales volume ranked the first place in the pickup recreational vehicle market. Equipped with ADAS, TOF and other advanced technologies, the vehicle is readily adaptable to various working environment. Apart from T90, SAIC Maxus has other recreational vehicle models, including Shenghuojia V100, Lvxingjia V100, Lvxingjia RVLIFE.

Currently, SAIC Maxus boasts a wide spectrum of products, including V80, V80 PLUS, V90 fossil fuel powered vehicles, EV90, EV80, EV30 new energy light buses as well as more customized vehicles (EV90, EV90 and V90).


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