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Higer Electric Buses Help Bus Operators Cut Operation Costs by 60%

2022-08-02    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:At the end of June, 2022, Guangzhou Zhaoshang Tourist Transportation Co , Ltd (hereafter referred to as Guangzhou

At the end of June, 2022, Guangzhou Zhaoshang Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Guangzhou Zhaoshang) first batch of 15 units Higer KLQ6111 electric buses. “For over 30 days, Higer electric buses have fully demonstrated their higher reliability and energy efficiency, helping us cut our operation costs by 60%”, revealed Li Weixiong, General Manager of Guangzhou Zhaoshang.

Measuring 11-meter or 11.7-meter in length, Higer KLQ6111 electric bus has 48 or 50 seats on board. Equipped with 187 kWh power batteries, an automatic transmission, an advanced driver assistant system (ADAS), the bus creates a more quiet and more comfortable traveling environment for passengers.

Established in 2003, Guangzhou Zhaoshang is specialized in providing tourist transportation services and auto rental services, etc. Due to more diversified development in the tourism industry, the bus operator has been making efforts to strengthen our business in the commuting service sector. By taking full advantage of the internet, it has successfully rolled out Yichuxing, a smartphone based application that enables passengers to book transportation services online.

Currently, Guangzhou Zhaoshang boasts 120 units vehicles and 71 units medium- and large-sized buses. The number of its new energy vehicles accounts for nearly 30% of its fleet. Its major customers include China Southern Airlines, Baiyun Airport, China Post, China Southern Power Grid, etc.

With rising fuel prices and growing awareness of environmental protection, Guangzhou Zhaoshang only considers purchasing electricity powered vehicles. “In terms of quality standards, continuous driving distances and overall safety standards, Higer electric buses all excel. In addition, they have impressive proven track records and fully meet our daily operation requirements”, said Li Weixiong.

According to Guangzhou Zhaoshang, Higer’s second batch of electric buses will be delivered in October this year, further strengthening the bus operator’s overall competitiveness in the market.


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