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Higer Brand Value Exceeds 66.5 Billion RMB

2022-07-29    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:On July 26, the 19th World Brand Conference organized by World Brand Lab was held in Beijing At the conference

On July 26, the 19th World Brand Conference organized by World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. At the conference, a list of CHINA'S 500 MOST VALUABLE BRANDS was officially released. Suzhou-based Higer, with a total brand value of 66.539 billion RMB, ranks the 130th place in the list.

Overcoming a host of challenges and difficulties, Higer made a series of effective measures to strengthen its overall competitiveness in the past year and maintained a fast growing momentum.

Due to the huge impacts of COVID-19, the world’s bus industry has been witnessing a number of changes, creating a strong demands for vehicles fighting for the epidemic and a shift from big demands for large-buses more small demands for small-sized buses.

In response, Higer successfully developed a nine-seater Ruixing bus, targeting at the tourist transportation market and customized transportation services. Drivers with C-license are qualified for driving the bus.

On April, 29, 16 units Higer View travel coaches with eye-catching appearances officially started operation on the tour bus route in Chongqing, helping the city further enhance its urban image. The coach has won the 20th China’s Patent Award from State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

Since the outbreak of COVID—19, Higer successfully developed negative pressure ambulances, nucleic acid testing vehicles, multi-functional light buses; mobile PCR labs, etc., which have been making tremendous contributions to fighting against the pandemic.

In addition, Higer fully implements product lifecycle management, fully ensuring the maximum value of its vehicles. Earlier this year, the bus maker received a thank-you letter from Beijing Organizing Committee of 2022 Winter Olympic Games and its high-level professional services were fully recognized. During the event, nearly 500 units Higer buses drove smoothly for over 750,000 km, providing convenient and comfortable travel services for 325,000 passengers. According to Higer, its KLQ6121 and KLQ6127 electric buses and KLQ6127 hydrogen fuel cell coaches were designated as the carriers for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In addition, an after-sales team of over 30 service engineers were stationed at various competition venues.

Higer buses and coaches have also served a number of high-profile events, including Bo’ao Asian Forum for 13 consecutive years, 2022 World Cup Preliminary Competitions, the quarter finals of CAF Confederation Cup, 2018 World Cup in Russia, 2022 World Cup in Qatar, etc.

In 2005, Higer started developing hydrogen fuel cell buses. One year later, its first generation hydrogen fuel cell bus made its debut. Having made a number of technological breakthroughs, it has been working closely with some other well-renowned companies, including Toyota, SinoHytec, Shenwei Shixing, etc. So far, Higer hydrogen fuel cell buses have made their way to a number of cities across China. In addition, Higer hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks have been delivered to a number of customers, including Baowu Baosteel, etc.


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