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Higer Bus Export Volume Reached 3,709 Units in 2021

2022-01-24    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:Higer bus export volume reached 3,709 units in 2021 In the same year, its sales revenue reached a new record high to 2 465 billion RMB

According to the latest statistics released by Higer, its bus export volume reached 3,709 units in 2021. In the same year, its sales revenue reached a new record high to 2.465 billion RMB.

In 2021, Higer delivered major bus orders to Qatar, Israel, Ireland, Bulgaria, Russia, South Korea, and Macao SAR. For the whole year, its sales revenue of the new energy buses & coaches in the overseas market exceeded 60 million USD, up by 214% year on year.

Higer Bus Export Volume Reached 3,709 Units in 2021

In Qatar alone, Higer delivered 1,815 units buses, helping the country get fully prepared for the upcoming 2022 World Cup. At the end of June, 2021, the first batch of 378 units Higer buses arrived in Qatar. In October, 2021, 196 units Higer KLQ6952 mid-coaches successfully completed the transportation tasks for Qatar Emir Cup Final Competition. In 2006, 500 units Higer buses were put into service at the Asian Games held in Qatar. Higer completed the production tasks in less than three months. Currently, the number of Higer buses & coaches in operation in the country is approaching 6,000 units, accounting over 90% of the local bus market. To ensure the smooth operation of all its buses & coaches, Higer has launched a series of training programs for 421 local service engineers.

In Arman, Higer has already established its own KD factory, which will speed up the bus delivery to the Middle East market.

With a growing number of challenges caused by COVID-19, Higer managed to deliver an impressive performance in 2021. “In just two decades, Higer has exported nearly 50,000 units buses & coaches to over 130 countries and regions across the world. Moreover, it has built well-connected sales networks”, said Jiang Haifeng, General Manager of Higer Overseas Sales Co.

In 2006, Higer joined hands with Scania and rolled out several coach models for the high-end bus market, which have made their way to over 50 countries and regions across the world. In 2017, Scania Higer CL120 city bus and A30 coach made their debut. On May 18, 2021, Scania Higer Fencer was officially released in the UK, a new flagship product for the high-end city bus market. With a length range from 10.5-meter to 18-meter, Scania Higer F1 city bus, F8 high-end city bus, F9 double-decker, F18 articulated bus and F6 intercity bus, these buses can be powered by diesel, electricity or hybrid power. “By working closely with Scania, we will continue to strengthen our presence in Europe”, said Zheng Chunhui, Deputy General Manager of Higer.

Higer Bus Export Volume Reached 3,709 Units in 2021

In 2016, Higer delivered several batches of ultra-capacitor city buses to Israeli market. In April, 2021, 31 units Higer CNG city buses arrived in Tel Aviv for operation. Measuring 12-meter in length, the CNG city bus has a low-floor access and achieves Euro VI Emission Standards. Having obtained EU’s ECE certificate, the bus is set to ushering in a brand new era of green public transportation in the world.

At the end of 2021, Higer delivered nearly 100 units three-door new energy buses with low floor access and a number of other customized features to Macao SAR.


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