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ZF Commercial Vehicle Division Jiaxing Homebase Starts Operation

2021-06-24    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:ZF Commercial Vehicle Division Jiaxing Homebase (hereafter referred to as ZF Jiaxing Homebase) officially started operation It is specialized in R&D and production of transmission gearboxes, electric hydraulic steering systems,

On June 18, ZF Commercial Vehicle Division Jiaxing Homebase (hereafter referred to as ZF Jiaxing Homebase) officially started operation. It is specialized in R&D and production of transmission gearboxes, electric hydraulic steering systems, central electric drive systems, electric drive axles, power modules, axles for low-floor buses, etc. Its operation represents a new milestone for ZF, fully showcasing the company’s determination to strengthen their presence in China.

ZF Commercial Vehicle Jiaxing Production Base Starts Operation

So far, ZF has established two companies in Jiaxing, namely ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. and ZF Drivetech (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. The former acts as China’s headquarter for ZF’s commercial vehicle business and is engaged in selling transmission gearboxes for trucks. The latter is devoted to R&D, manufacturing, assembly, sales and after-sales services, etc.

With the robust growth of China’s commercial vehicle industry, there is a fast growing demand for electric drive systems, assisting drive systems, autonomous drive systems and related products.

On the same day, ZF released three new products.

ZF Central Drive System Cetrax CP

With light weight, ZF Central Drive System Cetrax CP delivers impressively powerful performances and achieves higher energy efficiency. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and creates better experience for both drivers and passengers.

Built on the well received ZF CeTrax systems and in compliance with ZF GDPEP product development procedure, Cetrax CP is independently developed in China and is primarily designed for the large-, medium-city buses and light- and medium trucks. Adopting V-shaped development mode, the new generation central drive system has already been fully verified. Without the need to make any big changes on chassis, CeTrax CP can be easily installed on vehicles with a conventional driveline layout.

Configured with a maximum output torque of up to 3,200 N.m and a maximum gradeability >20%, Cetrax CP can be put on 12-m buses. Fully in compliance with ISO26262 standardized safety development procedure, the central drive system reaches ASIL C. Consisting of an electric drive assembly, a motor controller and a power controller, it represents an optimally fine-tuned solution with better performance, higher efficiency and longer life expectancy. CeTrax CP electric central drive for commercial vehicle will go into mass production in June this year in Jiaxing.

ZF AirtracX chassis suspension system

Featuring a lightweight body, a modular design, higher energy efficiency and a higher loading capacity, AirtracX is particularly designed for truck chassis and consists of 4-point link, ZF shock absorbers and suspension components. The system and its individual components are highly robust, reliable and maintenance-free. In addition, it is fully compatible with the previous generation V-link Airtrac suspension system. With AirtracX, ZF offers a modular and efficient axle suspension system.

ZF AMT ConAct integrated pneumatic release system

With a more integrated structure, ZF AMT ConAct is more efficient and more reliable. It is essential for the new generation of clutch actuation system with more than four million sets sold to end customers worldwide. By successfully cutting its weight, it is highly adaptable harsh working conditions and delivers consistently impressive performances even in a continuously changing environment. Thanks to the actuation direction in parallel with the axis, it reduces the load on the release bearing. Relying on the design of the push clutch system, it makes the assembly easier. Having reduced its weight, spare parts, weight and assembly time, the system has greatly improved its reliability and increased its life span and in the meantime, drastically cuts its maintenance cost. It is revealed that ZF AMB ConAct will be produced locally in Jiaxing in December this year.

“Supporting growing customer demand in China and worldwide, it will play a pivotal role in further advancing ZF’s engineering, testing and production capabilities. It also represents an important new step in delivering ever higher quality standards and customer satisfaction”, said Mr. Wilhelm Rehm, member of Board of Management of ZF Group.

Dr. Holger Klein, member of Board of Management for the Asia-Pacific region said, “we are honored to have been part of the Chinese social and economic fabric for so long and – by leveraging the best global technology and production techniques – to have contributed to the advancement of the Chinese automotive industry. At ZF, we are determined to carry on our long-term commitment as we continue to invest in China and grow with the local community.”

Covering a building area of nearly 60,000 square meters, ZF is expected to have 420 employees in Jiaxing.

“2021 marks a new turning point for ZF. We have been conducting business in China for four decades and established nearly 50 production bases across the country. In addition, we have set up four R&D Centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jiaxing. Starting from distributing our products, we then began to manufacture our products and later conduct our research & development projects here in China. We are fully confident in the continued prosperity of China’s economy and our business”, said Wang Runyi, president of ZF China and vice president of ZF Asia-Pacific.

“The operation of ZF Jiaxing Production Base will only increase our production capacity, but also help us make full preparations for the Next Generation Mobility. It is estimated that ZF Jiaxing Production Base will record a sales revenue of 800-1,000 million RMB in 2021 and increase its sales revenue to 4.5 billion in 2024”, said Dai Zhangyu, the person-in-charge of ZF Commercial Vehicle Business in China.


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