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China Buses Serve the Boao Forum for Asia All Equipped with Yuchai Engines

2018-04-26    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:The fact that Yuchai engines are installed on 174 domestically produced medium- and large-sized buses to serve the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), once again, manifested the power of “Made in China” in the world

The fact that Yuchai engines are installed on 174 domestically produced medium- and large-sized buses to serve the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), once again, manifested the power of “Made in China” in the world.

There are a variety of medium- and large-sized buses for commuter services during the forum, including Golden Dragon, Higer, Yutong and Ankai, all of which are equipped with Yuchai engines. Why?

Four bus brands have won the bidding with the engine of Yuchai.

174 medium- and large-sized buses are used as commuter buses during the forum, with the length of 7.5 to 11 meters. All buses come from two large passenger transport companies. 116 medium- and large-sized buses are selected from three subordinate brands of the Tourist Transportation Branch of Haiqi Group (hereinafter referred to as “Haiqi Transportation”), including Golden Dragon, Higer and Yutong. The other is Hainan Branch of Shenzhen Coach Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., whose subordinate brands-Golden Dragon and Ankai offered 58 medium- and large-sized buses.

Startlingly, 174 medium- and large-sized buses from the four brands selected to serve the forum are all equipped with Yuchai engines, covering 5.2L, 6.5L and 8.4L. Why does Yuchai Diesel become the first choice for the BFA?

According to their response, the requirements for commuter vehicles during the forum are nearly demanding, and the engine is key to the vehicle operation. Whether the company can win vehicle bidding, therefore, is determined by the engine. As a result, both companies chose Yuchai engines. “Firstly, the engine must be highly reliable. Since the shuttle buses will be concentrated during the forum, service vehicles should ensure all-weather high-load attendance. Along with the long one-way distance, the engine must be efficient, stable and reliable. Mistakes are not allowed to appear during the period. Secondly, the engine must be powerful. Vehicles mainly shuttle between the airport or hotel and the venue through the highway, and there are many steeply raked places as well as corners. Therefore, vehicles must be equipped with powerful engines. Finally, vehicles must be very comfortable. This needs a high-standard noise reduction technology of the engine, while Yuchai meets this requirement.”

It is a fact that Yuchai engines are installed on all buses from Haiqi Transportation that has served the BFA for 11 consecutive years. “After actually using Yuchai engines for several years, we are reassured for its quality.” Haiqi Transportation expressed that more than 500 medium- and large-sized buses of the company are all equipped with Yuchai engines.

With 16-year zero-fault services, Yuchai becomes the standard equipment for various national events

As the “heart” of the vehicles for the forum, Yuchai Diesel, since the opening of the first Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in 2002, has served the BFA for 16 consecutive years, and with zero-fault services, has become one of the major contributors to the success of the forum.

During those years, how does Yuchai achieve “zero-fault” services? And what efforts does it make?

“The most important thing is adequate preparation in the early stage, to eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in advance.” Xia Nianhua, Director of the Hainan Office of Yuchai, said that they had commenced preparation for the forum by two months. “First of all, we communicate with the passenger transport companies as soon as the bidding ended in February, to comprehensively check and maintain the engines installed on the bidding vehicles. Then we set up a special security group for the BFA, selecting top-notch talents to ensure that Yuchai engines can run stably and reliably during the forum. Finally, we strengthen the reserves of the parts. In addition to the parts worth about RMB 6 million in the central warehouse, we prepare exclusive parts for the BFA vehicles, and specially provide corresponding parts for the vehicles, so as to meet emergency service needs in time.”

During the forum, Yuchai put on standby for 24 hours, to tract the dispatch of vehicles at any time, and ensure the operation of vehicles. “To deal with various emergencies, Yuchai has also formulated detailed and comprehensive contingency plans, to make all-round preparation for the forum.” Xia Nianhua said that others seem to consider commuter services as repetitive work happening every year. However, something often goes wrong as a result of details. We must make the most comprehensive plans, as well as the most meticulous preparation.

Consequently, Yuchai, with its “early, comprehensive and meticulous” services, can handle all kinds of emergencies and problems, and ensure that vehicles can finish all services without any errors during the forum, so as to realize “zero-fault” services.”

In addition to the services and security work in place, Yuchai has rich experience in serving large conferences. Its engines have become the standard equipment installed on service vehicles for various major national events. As the first choice of the bus engine, Yuchai boasts rich experience in providing services for such major national activities as the China’s Two Sessions, the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Nanjing Youth Olympics, the China Victory Day Parade for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day of World War II, the G20 Hangzhou Summit and the International Cultural Industrial Fair. Since a set of complete and meticulous service specifications and processes has been formed, serving various major national events is a piece of cake for Yuchai.

Being international and world-class to shine around the world is a long-held strategy of Yuchai. Depending on its quality products and services, Yuchai has showed excellence during the forum for 16 consecutive years, which undoubtedly forwarded the advancement of Yuchai’s brand internalization of. In 2018, Yuchai Diesel continues to serve the BFA, which will add another honor for it.


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