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SunLong Midbus SLK6770 JUMBO

2011-11-29    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:Sunlong has released the latest midibus---JUMBO SLK6770 in August, 2011.

www.chinabuses.org: The Chinese market of advanced midibus are occupied by Japan Toyota Coaster and Korea Hyundai County all over the country. Although, many domestic enterprises produce related midibus, most of them only carry over the chassis technology of Toyota Coaster and Korea Hyundai County. In 2011, Yutong Bus has released its midibus---V-star. Today, Sunlong has released the latest midibus---JUMBO SLK6770 in August, 2011.


Sunlong JUMBO SLK6770

From the overall development of China economy and the market growing, it is predicted that 30,000-40,000 advanced midibuses may be sold annually in Chinese market. With the operation of the high speed railway, the city tourism is promoted and the passenger transportation in branch line is developed rapidly. The midibus is badly needed. The change of urban public bus and the construction of highway drive the development of the public passenger transportation. The JUMBO is released at the right time. Viewing from the market location at present, JUMBO is the product for export with right-driving design.

Appearance: beautiful edge, plump and strong

Although JUMBO is an extravert midibus and the appearance is ordinary, the internal essence is the pursuit for the quality and the operation control system. The design is impressive. The treatment of circular bead is carried out for the edges of the body of JUMBO. The edges are polished round and soft, looking nice and cute. There is obvious arc on the front windscreen, to expand the driver's vision. The air intake grid is embedded between the headlamps. The overall line is beautiful and strong, providing plump and solid front face and reducing the windage resistance coefficient and noise. We arrange the rearview mirrors at both sides symmetrically. The right rearview mirror is not installed on A pillar, but installed at the front door frame.  With the precondition of not impacting on the driver’s vision of surrounding conditions, it can avoid the installation lever from scratching.   The excellent headlamps performance and the turning lamp and warning lams at the both sides of the body can improve the safety when driving in the night. The steel large wide bumper made of fiber reinforced compound material with light weight enhances the massive sense of the appearance. A piece of glass is added beneath the side window at the right side of the driving seat, which is specially designed for the driver. Because the body chassis is higher, the driver will easily see the passengers who are getting on and open the door if the height of the glass is lowered. It indicates the focus of the driving habit of the driver and the respect for the passengers. Bright red is used largely for the tail lamps for warning. The safety consciousness is reflected on JUMBO.


JUMBO SLK6770 inner decoration

The plain headlamps, ordinary fog lamps and integral front windscreen can reduce the windage resistance of the bus. The 2 specially-designed rearview mirrors can guarantee the driving safety. Although it is not designed symmetrically, it considers the driving safety. The lateral body is of streamline design. The integral lateral window looks very beautiful and provides basic guarantee for the lighting in the bus.

The position and angle of the turning lamps are properly designed. The tire specification is 7.00R16. Dual row tire design is used for the rear tires, increasing the driving stability, improving the comfort and controllability.

The tail design is ordinary with clear rear windscreen. The tail lamps and the brake lamp are designed for the driving safety. The attractive edge treatment draws the attention for JUMBO. Every detail reflects the integration of the style and the functions. The comprehensive matching of the economics, luxury and bus performance makes the JUMBO the attractive solution to face the problems of the transportation and environment.


Interior: luxury leather seat + plain style

The front hatch of the JUMBO adopts right door design. External tilting design is used for the door handle, appearing plain. The driver can enter into the cab by stepping one stair easily. The driver can enjoy the wide vision when seated on the driving seat. The A pillar of JUMBO is narrow, so the vision blind area when turning is similar to the passenger car. With the application of the high quality sealing material, you will feel good when closing the door.   


JUMBO SLK6770  front

The simple and wide left middle door design can provide easy boarding of the passengers. The external-swing door is integrated with the body when the door is closed, reducing the windage resistance coefficient and looking beautiful. However, there is no luggage compartment for JUMBO due to the design style. Instead, a space is reserved at the tail of the bus, providing convenience and high volume.

The design of the driving seat of JUMBO takes the driver as core. We can see that from the space arrangement. Arc design is used for the instrument panel with driver as the center. The console and the gear shifting lever can be easily accessed. Just press the button and you can control the middle door. The hand brake and the gear shifting lever are installed at the left side of the driver. Huge space is reserved surrounding the seat, minimizing the external interference for the driver. The operation of the short-travel gear shifting lever is similar to the passenger car. Compared with Korea Hyundai County and Japan Toyota Coaster, the instrument panel design adopts more innovation, with 2 big meters and 3 small meters. Black and white style is clear and the driver can see the speed, mileage, engine speed, fuel pressure and water temperature clearly. The extensible steering wheel with power steering can adjust the angle freely, meeting the individual requirements of the drivers. The whole driving area and the instrument panel are designed in black, with primitive, stable and grand appearance, meeting the position requirement of high-end midibus. 


JUMBO SLK6770 back


A special 5-gear wind knob is provided with 5 modes, i.e. head, foot, head + foot, knee and automatic conversion. Most of the drivers complain that their feet feel cold in winter and are ignored. The design of JUMBO fully considers the driver’s need. As for the considerate care, it is worthy to mention the human-care design--- left pedal. With its help, the fatigue of left foot can be greatly relived in long-distance or high-speed driving. Some manufacturers make many efforts to improve the comfort and space for the passenger. However, the driver is often ignored. JUMBO does well in this aspect with human care and focus on the driver.  

4.4m wheelbase can provide huge space of passenger compartment for JUMBO. 170 mm ground clearance can ensure the strong pass ability. 2.68 m height enable easy access for passengers, even for the giants. The leather seats are soft and comfortable. The headrest on the back is designed for the neck. It is of the package shape and is thickened. Passengers are completely relaxed when they are seated. The length of 7.7 m can enable 8 rows of seats to ensure enough space between rows. Passengers will not have the uncomfortable feeling by pressing the knees. According to the design of JUMBO, 22-28 passengers can sit in the bus with flexible space configuration.

Although front-mounted design is used for engine of JUMBO, no excessive idling noise is heard. The engine noise insulation is excellent. The passenger area is of simple layout. Except for the orderly layout of the passenger seats, the bus equips with simple decorative illuminating lamps and AC vents. Enough space is provided between the seats and the passengers can move freely. Although dual row seat design is adopted, the passage is spacious and the passengers can access easily. Compared with the luxury model, the JUMBO has simple design but with necessary safety devices. The emergency hammer and the safety exit are arranged at the obvious position.    

Power: Cummins + Wanliyang

Turn the key on and hold the shifting gear lever of 6-gear Wanliyang manual transmission. The feeling is refined with great holding force. Single-plate spring clutch is use, so the suction feeling of the transmission is strong. Shift to 2nd and 3rd gear in turns. The travel is short without any lagging and delay. 

JUMBO equips with Cummins ISF3.8 S4141 engine. It is 4-cylinder in-line turbocharged, middle-mounted, water-cooled Euro IV diesel engine, with displacement of 3.8 L and max output power of 105 KW. The max output torque is 450N.m, higher than 370 N.m of Hyundai County. The max speed is 110km/h. The power performance is excellent. 90L fuel tank provides basic guarantee for long distance driving.  

The front and rear suspensions of JUMBO adopt leaf springs with good rigidity. The rolling feel when turning at high speed is limited. The brake system is of common front disc and rear drum type. The vacuum power system is adopted so it is easy to depress the pedal to the bottom. 215/75R17.5 radial tires are used. The replacement cycle of the fuel filter and air filter is prolonged, reducing the maintenance cost and increasing the profit of the customers.
Since the JUMBO is not produced in batch, we can't analyze the chassis technology of JUMBO, so we are not able to evaluate the technical details.

Although people are not familiar with “JUMBO” , the farsighted target of being global multifunctional cross-over midibus will remain fresh in our memory. It is the important step for Sunlong Bus expending to midibus from big bus.
JUMBO is not luxury, however, it features with the practical application and humanization. Besides, JUMBO takes the advantages of great power, comprehensive safety and comfort, as well as the precise controllability.
Compared with the fierce competition in big bus, the competition of midibus segment is relatively plain. What achievement will JUMBO get in the market? It depends on the evaluation of the users.


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