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2010-05-28    Source:www.chinabuese.org
Summarize:Established in 1996, Foton Motor Group is a business group with a global presence, an excellent manufacturer in Chinese commercial vehicle sector and a pioneer in new energy technology, driverless technology and intelligent Internet-of-Vehicle (IOV) system

1. Foton Bus Introduction

Foton Motor Group

Established in 1996, Foton Motor Group is a business group with a global presence, an excellent manufacturer in Chinese commercial vehicle sector and a pioneer in new energy technology, driverless technology and intelligent Internet-of-Vehicle (IOV) system.

Covering a full series of commercial vehicles including medium and heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, vans, pickups buses, and construction machinery vehicle, Foton is comprised of 15 brands (Auman, Ollin, Aumark, Loxa, Toano, View, Sauvana, Tunland, Gratour, AUV and so on) which has production operations in 20 major production plants in china in addition to its own R&D centers, located in Germany and Beijing respectively, whose purposes are applied research and technological development of products for the group.

Foton Bus

Found in 2003, Foton bus, as a strategic business unit (SBU), is the wholly-owned subsidiary company of Foton Group, dedicating to the R&D, manufacturing and sales in bus and coach sector. Foton bus is made up of more than 4000 people with production operations in 2 major production plants (Beijing and Guangdong) and with production capacity in excess of 20,000 units per year. Since 2005, Foton bus has become the fastest growing enterprise in China bus and coach industry, achieving a compound growth rate of 36.6%.

Foton bus offers a wide range of buses and coaches ranging from conventional bus & coaches to electric buses as well as hybrid electric bus for urban and intercity service. Meanwhile, advanced own-brand technologies and systems are also developed within the Foton for road passenger transport, including e-AIR intelligent circulation system, 4D protection technology, and i-Blue integration operation solution. With long-term endeavor, Foton bus always aims to promote the use of efficient, clean and accessible transport by ways of high-quality products, intelligent and clean technology as well as excellent after-sales service.

2. Foton Bus Chronology

² 2004 — On November 30, 2004, the first Foton bus was officially released in Beijing Plant.

² 2008 — On July 11, 2008, Foton Fuel cell bus served for Beijing Olympic Games.

² 2009 — On August 28, 2009, Beijing New energy automobile Engineering Design Center was established in Foton.

² 2009 — On September, 2009,Foton Hybrid buses in Taiwan officially on the road operations.

² 2011 — On September 28, 2011, Guangdong Plant was put into production and plug-in hybrid electric city bus was released.

² 2013 — On August 31, 2013, 3012 LNG buses purchased by Beijing Public Transport Group were put into operation, which was the biggest order in commercial vehicle industry across the world.

² 2014 — In November 2014, Foton bus was appointed as the official vehicle for APEC Summit.

² 2015 — In 2015, Foton bus received a big order of 1909 12-meters Pure electric bus

² 2016 — In September 2016, Foton bus was designated to serve G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

² 2017 — In 2017, Foton bus has delivered 1000 clean energy bus to Yangon bus company in Myanmar, accomplishing the biggest order in china bus industry.

² 2018 — On January 25, 2018,Foton electric buses entered South Korea market to put into operation during the period of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games

² 2018 — In February 2018, Foton secured the order of 49 units 10.5-meter fuel cell city buses, serving the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

² 2018 — In May, 2018, Foton fuel cell bus obtained the first domestic new energy bus license.

3. Worldclass Partnership

Foton + Cummins

On March, 2008, Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd was officially established with a 50:50 investment, and a total investment amount of RMB 2.7 billion. As one of the world’s advanced diesel engine production base, It mainly manufactures the Cummins F series and X series engines, with annual production capacity of 520,000 units.

Intelligent digital factory: with the characteristics of high automation, high intelligence, excellent processing precision, the factory strictly follows Cummins global quality standard, implements Six Sigma Quality Management, providing high-quality products for customers all over the world.

Advanced techniques: adopting a number of innovative technologies, including ADEPT intelligent driving, Connected Diagnostic remote service, ISOPOD turbocharging technology, pressure-maintaining technology of Leakless fuel system, etc.

Outstanding products: F series engines are applicable to light truck, medium truck, pickup truck, MPV, SUV as well as forklift and other construction machinery. X series engines focus on providing power solutions for heavy truck tractors, dump trucks, flatcars, special vehicles, buses and coaches.

Foton + Daimler

On February 18th, 2012, Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA)was established, with a total investment of RMB9.95 billion, Foton and Daimler each holding 50% of ownership. It manufactures Foton’s AUMAN series of medium and heavy-duty trucks, and Daimler-licensed 490 HP Euro V Mercedes-Benz OM457 heavy-duty engines.

Leading value chain management: more than 900,000 users, more than 800 dealers, more than 3,400 service stations, more than 2,000 accessories stores, sales and service network in China.

Comprehensive products: The products cover four major series of Auman ETX, Auman GTL, Auman EST and Auman EST-A, with tonnage ranging from 3t to 49t; including more than 200 varieties such as tractor, truck, dump truck and all kinds of special vehicles.

Foton + ZF

Foton and ZF have teamed up to build a global advanced transmission production base.

On April 18th, 2017, Foton ZF LCV Automated Transmission (jiaxing) Co., Ltd was officially established, with a 60:40 investment. It manufactures high-end transmission for light commercial vehicle, with annual production capacity of 320 thousand units.

On April 18th, 2017, ZF Foton Automated Transmission (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was officially established, with a 49:51 investment. It manufactures high-end transmission for heavy commercial vehicle and retarder, with annual production capacity of 190 thousand units.


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