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Higer Bus Settle Siberian Tiger Park

2008-10-29    Source:www.chinabuses.org

The beautiful and rich Heilongjiang, a country known Siberian Tiger Park locates in the Pearl City - Harbin under Swan, which is currently the world's largest artificial feeding, breeding base for Siberian tiger, a total of 800 Siberian tigers, is the National Well-known tourist destination too, annual tourists more than 300,000 people.



Three years ago, the Siberian Tiger Park with the Suzhou Kinglong company forged a bond. At that time the team has a variety of sightseeing bus for more than 40 vehicles, mostly mini-van. With the business development need, first update four 35seats buses. That time, Higer and other brands were involved in the bidding. At that time, Higer and other brands are involved in the bidding. Higer bus with the fashion style of the tourism industry and good reputation, combining with good after-sales services, so that the Suzhou Kinglong won the order which was not large number but the great potential impact. This makes domestic and foreign tourists get Higer bus first. Due to the good reputation of products use, then their Mudanjiang River Bar-sterile tiger base ordered a Higer S7.Until the first half of 2008,these using vehicles won the reputation "products rest assured, services intimate" in the fixed service station, family-style service of Huajun service station in Heilongjiang.



In May this year, some tourists buses of Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin were ready to be transferred to Dalian Tiger Park in Liaoning Province. They needed to purchase 12 medium-sized 7m-buses,after comprehensive comparison of several brands, the feeling of Kinglong Higer bus KLQ6728 a higher Cost-effective, especially the corporate culture and service philosophy of Suzhou Kinglong, strengthen the confidence of Siberian Tiger Park to continuely order Higer bus. After june delivery ceremony, Higer bus maintain volume of Siberian Tiger Park reached 17. It can truly be concluded: Higer bus hyperchromic the tiger Park and tiger park fame for Higer bus.



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