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Yutong Bus: Abundant Value-added After-sales Services

2008-10-28    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Regarding long-term consumer goods like buses, the supporting supply of bus enterprise and the timeliness & convenience of maintenance service are the top concern for clients to purchase buses. The after-sale service of Yutong is regarded as the most complete service mechanism in the industry.


Since 2001, Yutong took the lead to invest hundred million Yuan to build ten 4S service centers integrating maintenance service, spare parts supply service, information feedback service and whole-vehicle sales service, 31 spare parts centers and 56 II-level spare parts distributors nationwide. In order to provide the speediest service for clients, Yutong has built over 440 service stations in the country. The service radius of Yutong has been reduced to within 80km except for several remote places. Relevant service sites are required to set out within half an hour after receiving order, and reached the appeal spot within 2.5 hours to provide service. After clients return back after picking up buses, the warm project group shall call back them three times in one month, three months and six months respectively, record the operation and problems of the buses, and then finish collection feedback, handling and record back-up; visit major clients at least once every month; provide door-to-door service; and carry out superior service week/month regularly.


Besides the improvement of off-line service system, Yutong also enhanced the normalization level of after-sale service. And the building of service network entered into optimization management phase from the arrangement and planning building phase. With client service center as its core, Yutong has built the CRM integrated network service platform to provide one-stop service for clients, distributors and service stations, which formed the distinctive advantage of fine and differentiated after-sale service of Yutong. It is known that the completion of normalization after-sale service platform will make the establishment & call-out of relevant maintenance information after bus purchase and the on-line settlement convenient and speedy, and the situation of Yutong's spare parts storehouse nationwide will become transparent on CRM platform. Thus clients all over China will be able to know the fitting situation of Yutong, which will guarantee the timeliness of maintenance and solve the problem of long circle of fitting supply in the past.


In 2007, the CRM building work was carried forward smoothly, internal and external resources such as client service center, reception center, after-sale service net and statement analysis system were effectively integrated; the project of “client experience improvement” was carried out systematically, which completed the one-stop service for clients, enhanced the work efficiency, overall improved client experience, and laid a solid foundation for the management improvement of the company.


Many clients reflected that regular calls from Yutong after buying buses made them feel the solicitude of the company. Besides, the CRM system of Yutong keeps detailed record of bus purchase and use of clients. A client from Liaoning praised: “Once I received a call from Yutong exactly when my bus had a little trouble. The work staff soon found out the trouble according to my bus-use record and provided the address of the nearest maintenance service station. The after-sale service of Yutong not only has good manner and but also tracks timely.”


What is worth mentioning is that Yutong often provides many considerate value-added services for clients. In the national tour exhibition of Operation Efficiency Intercity Activity 2007, Yutong carried out fuel-saving elite contest and fuel-saving training activities on the fuel-saving topic to which clients pay much attention. In the activity, the host adopted interactive experience way to compare the performances of drivers before and after training. This made clients clearly felt the fuel-saving effect brought by driving skills training and the engine heat management system particular to Yutong. At the Shenzhen station of such activity, the training spot was full to the bursting point with thousands of people. Many clients praised that the fuel-saving training was like timely rains.


Using successful experiences of domestic services as reference, Yutong also provides excellent services in overseas market. Since 2006, Yutong began building global sales and service network, and has built offices and fitting storehouses in strategic regions of overseas market center. The after-sale service networks of Yutong have covered over half of the world. Besides the improvement of hardware equipments, Yutong also focuses on software services such as skills training and provides directional training programs. In order to strengthen the professional skills of local after-sale personnel abroad, Yutong took the lead to provide systematic professional skills training for overseas learners and realize talents localization. In 2007, Yutong successfully trained over 100 Cuba learners and was highly praised by clients. This was also the first overseas large-scale technical training in the Chinese bus industry, which put up an example for the overseas development of the Chinese bus industry.


In fact, service system embodies company concept. In the whole system of Yutong, the company always focuses on the needs of clients, and takes the offering of profit scheme and higher value for clients as the core. Till now, a complete, timely and strong service system has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. It also proves that the internal reason to win clients’ praise and stably rank first in the industry for Yutong is the value concept of taking clients' needs as the core.



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