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Ankai Electric Travel Bus,Shanghai World Expo Designated Bus

2008-10-28    Source:www.chinabuses.org

Recent days, reporter from Ankai is informed that the company's production of pure electric travel bus become the 2010 Shanghai World Expo designated bus. "This is a renewal of Ankai new energy bus once again selected as the designated bus of global meeting after the Beijing Olympic Games, Ankai bus will demonstrate to the people of the world China's bus manufacturing technology again." Ankai marketing responsible person said.


It is known that the R&D of Ankai produced electric travel bus for Shanghai World Expo is on the basis of Ankai Zunjia models." At present, most of the domestic-made new energy are buses, but the bus which Ankai-made for Shanghai World Expo is a pure electric travel." Ankai marketing responsible person added:" Ankai is the first bus company which use pure electric technology on travel bus. Raising the level of electric bus at the same time, China also increases the electric technology level."



Person inside industry pointed out, the problem mileage has been always troubled the development of pure electric bus. "Ankai pure electric travel bus use the most advanced lithium battery capacitor + super structure as a power," Ankai marketing responsible person mentioned, "Ankai pure electric travel bus a fully charged, the largest traveling distance may up to 200 km per hour ,maximum Up to 80-100 km, completely resolved the mileage problem.


After years of research, manufacturing technology of Ankai CNG buses, LPG buses, hybrid buses and methanol buses is mature and has been in some provinces and cities in large-scale commercial operations; Ankai pure electric bus technology is coming to mature. Ankai marketing responsible person talked that Ankai new Bus energy development results show that "the technology of hydrogen fuel cell bus is more difficult, now is in the experiment stage, from the experimental data, power, security, mobility, comfort, ride comfort, and other performance of hydrogen fuel cell bus have reached commercial operation. Ankai hydrogen fuel cell bus performance has been achieved the level of first bus enterprise-class in Europe."



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