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Auto's OEM-Supplier Cooperation 2

2008-10-24    Source:english.chinabuses.com

In future, it will not be sufficient to develop a system based on the OEM's detailed specification. The OEM and system supplier will have to closely cooperate during the entire development cycle and will jointly run through several optimization loops. Ideally, development teams use the same engineering processes and tools and are at least temporarily co-located in one site. Although OEMs are targeting a long-term partnership with tier-1 suppliers and are often trying to get exclusivity for new technologies and systems, they still want to have a second source. This will be difficult to realize in the case of complex systems. Even more important than having a second source is maintaining own competence in order to avoid a dependency from system suppliers.


Many future systems will be so complex that a single supplier will have difficulties to keep all competencies. Focus on core competencies is mandatory in order to remain competitive. As a consequence, partnering with leading companies in other competence fields is the preferred strategic option.


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