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Technology Development of China BONLUCK Bus

2008-10-23    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Technology is the lifeblood of an enterprise. By taking technology innovation as its starting point, BONLUCK BUS adheres to high quality, strives for making progress, fosters credibility, and dedicates itself to providing trendier, better, and finer passenger vehicles.


As a manufacturer of passenger vehicle aligned with international standards, BONLUCK BUS is well aware that quality is the fundamental element in market competition, whereas superior quality comes from teams with high qualifications, the Company is committed to developing itself into a learning-oriented enterprise, and strives for mutual growth for both the Company and its staff.


Australian Galvanized Steel Structure


It adopts double sided zinc-plated square steel profile imported from Australia, with main parts adopting mold cavity wax spraying technology, protective welding with mixed gas, the skeleton is anti-corrosion and wear resistant to guarantee 20 years of service life, with the options of light weight fully integral and half-integral structure(U shaped beam) available.


Active radar anti-collision system


Radar installed in the front, back, left and right of the vehicle can make intelligent scanning of obstacles, which greatly improves the safety of the safety of the whole vehicle, and increases driving pleasure.


Three-point safety belt


By adding shoulder belt to two-point safety belt, three-point style safety belt can simultaneously prevent passenger's  body from shifting forward and forward tilting of upper half of the body, thus inproves passenger safety.



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