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Auto's OEM-Supplier Cooperation 1

2008-10-22    Source:english.chinabuses.com

In future, OEMs will place more emphasis on all activities with direct customer interaction and on activities that generate a sustainable differentiation potential. Therefore, one area of focus will be marketing, sales, and after-sales service. Secondly, OEMs will focus on development and integration of the overall vehicle system and on development of specific functionalities with high differentiation potential. The identification and definition of requirements or seamless integration of future (anticipated) customer demands and brand characteristics in the early stages of the product development cycle become crucial.


Development and manufacturing of sub-systems that are not important for differentiation will be outsourced to qualified system suppliers. Therefore, competencies and resources related to the development, manufacturing and assembly of these systems or modules will become less important in the future. On the other hand, competencies to manage system suppliers will become more important. These span from elaboration of precise functional specifications over target costing to a wide-ranging integration of suppliers into own business processes.


In engineering there are two competencies that need to be generally strengthened by OEMs in order to be able to optimize overall vehicle systems. As electronics is used in almost each future system, OEMs need to fully understand mechatronics in order to be able to manage system suppliers and get required functionality in a reliable and cost-efficient way. SW development competence is required to enable OEMs to do the overall functional integration especially of vehicle dynamics and engine functions.


Overall, the shift in competencies will lead to a decrease of OEM resources as major system development tasks are transferred to system suppliers. This shift goes hand in hand with the further development of formerly component or sub-system suppliers either into tier-1 system suppliers or into component or technology specialists.


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