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Innovation Constantly, ZhongTong Leads the Trend of New Energy-bus

2008-10-22    Source:english.chinabuses.com

ZhongTong as one of the first listed companies of bus industry in China, is the backbone of domestic professional bus manufactures. Today is the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of ZhongTong. 50 years’ development, looking back and looking forward to the future.


ZhongTong not only has professional R & D and manufacturing technology, but also opening up new horizons in the field of energy which leads the new trend of the future development of bus.

ZhongTong ,from no one known in 90s to the building of brand and develops to the vanguard of new energy-bus ,servers Beijing Olympics, the development of ZhongTong has witnessed the development and changes of bus industry in china .And for 50 years, , from weak to strong, from the first self-production bus off line in 1971 to exporting a single batch 1500 buses in 2008, ZhongTong makes progress every day and hands over all satisfied answers each year.

 ZhongTong listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000, which bring the technological changes and innovations in sustainable development. ZhongTong puts technology first. Long-term cooperating with some domestic well-known universities and creating a strong R & D teams to develop technology for enterprises to provide a powerful staff supplying .And ZhongTong setted up the first enterprise university in industry--- ZhongTong-Education in 2005.At the same time, learning advanced technology from every corner all over the world and innovating new energy technology to promote bus products, building a new platform for scientific research to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


50-years makes brilliant, looking forward to the future, I believe ZhongTong will give us more prides and more surprises in the following days.



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