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king Long"LongWay"-- A model of Independent Innovation of China Bus

2008-10-20    Source:www.chinabuses.org

An outstanding production for high-speed passenger market which was independent innovated by Chinese manufacturer, attracting a lot of attentions with its gorgeous original design and outstanding performance and stability during "Two sessions" and Olympic. This is kingLong "LongWay"XMQ6129.



"LongWay" Services Olympic


In the eyes of foreign counterparts, China bus manufacturers are always considered as "copy" and "imitate" foreign excellent bus and coach models all the time, the capability of independent innovation and technology level has been at the middle and lower level. In recent years, as the development of China bus industry, the KingLong on behalf of the China bus starts to go out of the country, competing in the international market, obtaining the recognition of counterparts all over the world. Particularly in Europe which the top market of world, also the market shares are expanding Constantly. All these market perfomances provide a good reference for Chinese counterparts .

Independent innovations help "LongWay" launch


From setting up in 1988 to adopting foreign body shape and manufacturing technology in 1990, designing and developing independently domestic first-generation medium-sized luxury bus travel products, the KingLong has become a famous brand in China .Over the years, with an excellent cost-effective, generous and luxury appearance and comfort configuration, kinglong became the first choice of a tourist bus and the passenger company, and also successfully replaced some foreigner high-class buses. The launching of LongWay add great support for the product line of KingLong.


"LongWay" has widely favored by customers since the formal launching at the end of 2007. In the domestic passenger market, gradually form hot sales situation, the cumulative sales have surpassed 600. 2007 “LongWay” sparkled on Shanghai World Bus Exhibition, access to the media and audience acclaim, the show received the highest honor in 2007BAAV annual bus awards. March 16, 2008, "LongWay" passed the three large-scale high-grading of Ministry of Communications and become one of few self-brand bus , widely favored for the advantages of cost-effective. "LongWay" also exports to Ukraine, Bulgaria, and other overseas markets, obtaining highly praise from overseas customers.



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