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Auto Sales in September Expected to Surge

2008-09-02    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Most auto dealers showed positive expectations for September auto market, and predicted vehicle sales will post a month-on-month increase by 30% to 50%, according to a survey of 20 auto dealers and 99 consumers recently conducted by West China City Daily.


More than half of the auto dealers surveyed believe the peak season for selling vehicles is coming in September. Auto sales are expected to grow by 30% to 50%, predicted by Hu Ge, sales and marketing executive of Chengdu Sanhe Group. Chevrolet marketing manager Han Pin also told reporters that Chevrolet sales will reach a new high with the peak selling season of September is coming.


About half of the consumers in the survey plan to buy cars in September or October, according to the reporters’ phone call visits. Apart from the coming September auto show, a big discount on auto selling will also appeal to more consumers.



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