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Shell and Logen Accelerate Next Generation Biofuel

2008-09-01    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Shell and Logen Corporation announced an extended commercial alliance to accelerate development and deployment of cellulosic ethanol. The terms of the agreement include a significant investment by Shell in technology development with Logen Energy Corporation, a jointly owned development company dedicated to advancing cellulosic ethanol. The collaboration with Logen is a key part of Shell’s strategic investment and development programme in biofuels, particularly in 'next generation' biofuels using non-food feedstocks. The fuel is made from raw materials such as wheat straw and promises to reduce CO2 production by up to 90% compared to conventional gasoline.


Shell’s global biofuels programme also includes collaborations with Choren (on production on BTL), Codexis (on enzyme conversion) and Virent (on development of biogasoline), as well as a joint venture called Cellana (development of marine algae for vegetable oil).



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