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Zero Stands for Success - Golden Dragon Buses Serve for the Olympics

2008-08-27    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Full mark, is the request for ' Zero'. The after service team from Xiamen Golden Dragon Co., Ltd. is dealing with concrete matters relating to the current Olympic vehicle logistics work. The major task for Beijing after service team is to ensure the daily conveyance for the Olympic attendees, volunteers and sponsors, furthermore, to avoid any malfunction on the served buses. For this, there is a special interaction with this team.



Nonstop Follow-up & Guarantee


A professional Olympics service team was set up by Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus. Co., Ltd to guarantee the logistics for the served buses. The detailed strategic was determined and service experts were appointed to the Capital Auto. Co., Ltd , Beijing Auto. Co., Ltd and Bejing Bus. Co., Ltd, etc. Moreover, this team made out the store plan for the spare parts according to the factual state. All members are ready to deal with any emergency for any served buses.


Unrivalled services for users are the fundamental missions for Golden Dragon People. For 2008 Beijing Olympics, Golden Dragon people adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in logistics.

Networking Management


There are various brands and models of the vehicles serving for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. How to guarantee the parts' supply efficiently is the biggest problem for bus enterprises, As the major provider for the Olympics served buses, Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd increases the spare parts' supply and keeps all served buses into networking management. Green channel is ready to be opened as soon as the part lacks.


Sincere serve and attention


Golden Dragon has been striving to provide a comprehensive range of ' sincere, attentive, timely and efficient' services in order to ensure total customer satisfaction. After interaction with the service manager of Beijing office, Mr. Tian Qilin, we can further sense the professionalism above. Just as he told us, besides this Olympics logistic, they are also guaranteeing daily transport for other travel buses heart and soul', provide customers with first-class services in conformance to in the brand value.


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